Economic woes blamed on GOP

Discussion in 'Political Zone' started by masomenos, Sep 22, 2008.

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    Whether or not the GOP really should shoulder the blame (they shouldn't) isn't the issue. Public perception on something like this that's so closely tied to the economy could be a huge deciding factor in the election. Gaining the majority vote from men and seniors would put the election in the bag for Obama. Obviously a lot can happen between now and then and the polls are going to fluctuate all the way until Nov., but if the public doesn't realize that both parties are to blame then this election will go to Obama.
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    Two cheers for the systematic dumbing-down of the American popuation by watered-down education. This is precisely what they wanted. Civics and Economics are simply not taught much nowadays...therefore, many foks don't even consider to challenge what they hear on MTV or Comedy Central.
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    Too true.

    Our education system sucks.
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    No question that the economic uncertainty SHOULD help Obama... whether or not he has the wherewithal to take advantage of it is another question.
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    Sigh...this current disaster has nothing to do with donkeys and elephants.

    Again, this was all brought about through fraud, greed, lack of accountability and the "keeping up with the jones'" attitude that is extremely prevalent in our society.

    Credit was made too accessible to those that had no business receiving it and folks got caught up in the "flip this house" mentality.
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    Like I said, in the election it doesn't matter what the real cause is, it only matters about public perception.
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    True. I would add that all the talk about origins also serves as a way to shift the conversation from the way the present administration mismanaged the financial crisis once it came to a head and to shift responsibility onto others. According to that logic, no one should be held accountable for anything, since problems can usually be traced to a time that antedates the appearance of symptoms. This tried and true tactic is the political equivalent of "I'm a maladjusted loser because my parents didn't hug me enough when I was a baby."
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