Ed Werder: Jerry not replacing Garrett with Gruden

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Gryphon, Jan 29, 2013.

  1. Gryphon

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    Cowboys Offense - TM - Cowboys

    According to a "reliable team source," speculation that the Cowboys' recent coaching hires are a sign owner Jerry Jones is preparing to replace Jason Garrett with Jon Gruden is "ridiculous."

    Source: Ed Werder on Twitter
    Jan 27 - 1:37 PM
  2. 1fisher

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    Well... who didn't see that coming!:D
  3. Coy

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    Well maybe not this year but according to Peter King it could be next year:

    Peter King: "I wouldn't be shocked if Jon Gruden was the next coach of the Cowboys. I do think Jerry has had thoughts of changing coaches."


    More @SI_PeterKing from Tuesday interview on The Ticket: "I think Jon Gruden really fits the showbizy thing that Jerry would want to do."


    SI's Peter King: "I know enough people who know Jon Gruden to know that...it's not going to be very long before he's coaching again."

  4. Bowdown27

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    If Garrett fails,it's lovie or gruden. But I don't want Jason to fail. I can't go through another year of this misery lol
  5. theebs

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    It's so sad that this once great organization has its coaches needing to be show biz enough to meet the owners families attention requirements.
  6. Titleist

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    Let's tank the season, blame it on adapting to the 4-3, and then get Clowney in the draft while also getting Gruden/Lovie as a new coach!
  7. Vinnie2u

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    I don't even think Jerry knows what he's thinking. How Do the pundits know?
  8. theogt

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    I think it's meant more that you have to be willing to put up with (and shine in) the media attention or they'll tear you apart. See Wade Phillips.
  9. Bluefin

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    Jerry Jones loves being in the spotlight.

    Why would he want to share the camera with media darling Jon Gruden?

    And never mind the fact Coach Chucky ran the Tampa Bay Buccaneers into the ground after winning the Super Bowl with Tony Dungy's players.

    Not a Gruden fan at all.
  10. CoCo

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    Jimmy, Barry, Gailey, Campo, Parcells, Wade, Garrett.

    I guess I don't see where there is any pattern of hiring "show biz" in that list.
  11. dez_for_prez

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    Lol at the people that thought this was gonna happen this year. As the great Draft Guru Parcells once said, "you got sucked."
  12. Idgit

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    I don't think anyone seriously thought we were ever entertaining Gruden.
  13. 1fisher

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    The media, peter king in this case, told them about a showbizy coach and now it's gospel. That's what we need.
  14. tyke1doe

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    I don't think Gruden ran the Bucs into the ground. He just never had a great quarterback, and his defense - that really won him the Super Bowl - aged quickly.

    Outside of Joe Gibbs, not too many multiple-winning Super Bowl head coaches win or even get there consistently with average quarterbacking play.

    When Brady leaves, watch how un-genius Bill Belichick becomes. Notice how pedestrian two-time Super Bowl winning coach Mike Shanahan looked sans Elway.

    Almost all the great coaches (those who won multiple Super Bowls and led consistent playoff teams) had great quarterbacks.

    I'm interested in seeing what Gruden could do with Tony Romo. If he won with Brad Johnson, certainly he can win with Romo. The clock is ticking though, Jerrah. Hurry up before Romo gets too old.
  15. Dhragon

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    Key part "after winning the Super Bowl".

    I'll take it!
  16. LatinMind

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    Broaddus, Mickey and Eatman think if Garrett fails its Lovie Smith and not Gruden who would be the guy
  17. Idgit

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    I think we'd be nuts to give up on Garrett, but I could live with Lovie if we were to pull the ripcord. It'd be a better long-term move than Gruden would be.
  18. iceberg

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    when you're proven wrong, make up crap to pass the time.
  19. CyberB0b

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    By that logic, his players from the Raiders made it to the Super Bowl the same year. He was also a tuck rule away from a Super Bowl appearance before that.
  20. Chocolate Lab

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    That's fine and all, but who would the OC be? Because the key to all this is Tony Romo. And the great thing about Gruden is that he's an offensive-minded coach and did so well with Rich Gannon and Brad Johnson.

    Like tyke said, Romo's time is running out. Really, I think it's going to be almost too late for Romo before Jerry makes a change.

    And then we'll get to start this process over hoping we can find a QB because we wasted the career of the one we just had.

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