Eddie George Situation Coming to a Head

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    George not as positive about contract

    Staff Writer

    With a little more than two weeks until training camp begins, Eddie George and the Titans remain in a stalemate over money.

    George met with Titans General Manager Floyd Reese yesterday to discuss the veteran running back's unresolved contract situation. George's agent, Lamont Smith, said he believes there will be a resolution soon.

    ''I think it will come to a head one way or another in the next couple of days,'' Smith said. ''The question will be whether we can find common ground or it's time to part ways.''

    George's face-to-face meeting with Reese yesterday was their first since June 3, when playing time was the topic. George said he came away from that meeting satisfied with what he heard.

    George wasn't nearly as positive after yesterday's discussion with Reese, and money remains the roadblock.

    The Titans, who paid George a $1 million roster bonus in March, have asked him to trim his scheduled base salary of $4.25 million for 2004 to around $1.5 million, and they haven't budged much. So far, the Titans also haven't been willing to give George any assurances past the 2004 season. George currently remains under contract through the 2006 season.

    If George doesn't agree to a restructured contract, the Titans will release him.

    Reese said the Titans want to keep George, who has spent all eight NFL seasons with the franchise and has 10,009 rushing yards.

    ''We've said from the very beginning the sooner the better, but we have certainly blown that,'' Reese said. ''It is the same thing, we are just plugging along, taking it little by little. We are certainly not breaking any land speed records. ...

    ''I think everybody wants to resolve it one way or the other. Poor Eddie has been in limbo here for however long and I'm sure he is getting fed up with it. One way or another a decision is going to have to made here in the next couple of weeks.''

    For George to rejoin the Titans this season, Smith said: ''There has to be compromise on both sides.''

    George has said he'd like to remain a Titan, but only for what he considers a fair deal. Asked if George will return for a $1.5 million base salary, Smith said, ''I'm not going to answer that. I think that we'll know in the next couple of days. That's the best I can tell you.''

    Reese has also been in negotiations with many of the team's 13 draft picks. He'd like to have them all signed up by July 31, when the Titans take the field for their first training camp practice.

    The Titans have enough salary cap room to sign most of the lower-round picks, but need to resolve the George matter in order to sign the higher-round picks.

    Free agent signings: The Titans have signed former Michigan State defensive end Ivory McCoy and former Colorado linebacker Drew Wahlroos to free agent contracts. Both played in NFL Europe this season.

    The 6-foot-3, 240-pound McCoy was signed by the Philadelphia Eagles as an undrafted free agent in 2002 and spent part of that season on their practice squad. The Eagles released him at the end of training camp last year.

    The 6-2, 235-pound Wahlroos was also released by the Eagles last year at the end of training camp.

    McCoy and Wahlroos are scheduled to make $230,000 each this season with the Titans if they make the roster.

    Jim Wyatt covers the Titans for The Tennessean. He can be reached at 259-8015 or jwyatt@tennessean.com

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    I know a lot of fans think his best days are behind him and they're probably right but I'd love to see him as a backup in Big D. I hope he can't agree on anything with the Titans and the Cowboys get a shot at insurance behind Julius.
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    I feel the same TBC.

    George even in his prime was never one of my favorite tailbacks. And he most definitely has lost something over the past few years.

    But he claims to be healthier than he has been in awhile, I saw him on TV and he looks lean and mean, and for the use he would put to here and the insurance he could provide. I'd like to see him brought in.

    Of course, at the right price.
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    Is a far younger insurance policy than Vinnie at 40 at QB.

    Book it.
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    Not a certainty he's ever available.

    With Jules Jones maybe we just roll him out there and pray he does not get injured? George would be a good backup but not sure he thinks he's a backup yet.

    For right price and if he accepted the role I'm all for it!
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    During his Titans career Eddie George has never missed a game due to injury, hey not bad hunh?

    Last year he ran for a thousand yards. Better than Ham right.

    He has been to the SB and he is a tough big guy. Anybody old enough to remember OJ Anderson? What's the right price to sign him, I would say what ever it takes to 4.5 million myself. Make it a two years contract and next year with our 2 first rounders we can take the best available with a clear conscience. Make it a one year contract with an option year and we may not have as good a chance. Eddie has been Mr Ball control for 10 years. Another few in Dallas looks good to me.

    J Jones is a rookie, maybe the future and maybe with a good upside but untested in the NFL. When it is 3 yards and goal to go I will take Eddie to punch it in. The only reason we do not do it if if Adams sees a bad cap problem and as far as I know we still have FA dollars.

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