Eddie Lacy vs Gavin Escobar

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by egn22, Sep 17, 2013.

  1. egn22

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    Talent and Pedigree vs. Potential

    I'm a Demarco Murray fan, i believe in Murray and he's one of my favorite Cowboys. but the fact of the matter is to this point, Murray has been injury prone, and we knew going into the draft that RB depth was something we needed to consider. If Murray happens to do what to this point he's consistently done which is go down with an injury, would you prefer to have an Eddie Lacy or even Christine Michael type carrying the load, or Lance Dunbar?

    There have been a lot of complaints about Murray's lack of vision, mainly due to Terrell Davis' recent breakdown of film on NFL network. I don't buy into this because from what i've seen Murray when healthy has been great. He missed a few opportunities in the KC game but so did Romo, so did Dez, so did Carter, big deal. So my point here isn't that i want to bench Murray or get rid of him. I just want us to pile up as much elite talent as we can get and Eddie Lacy seems like a no brainer when you put him next to Escobar.

    I know its the past, i know "good grief its only the second week of the season", i get all of that. But this is a public forum and i want to express my confusion over how we determine which player will be the best asset per round. I think Christine Michael hits the hole extremely hard, and offers elite athleticism at the RB position that would be immensely needed if Murray were to go down. Lacy also offers his own skillset that would be huge if Murray were to go down.
    If Witten were to go down, Hanna would be our starter, and we'd be scrambling looking for free agents to provide depth. So why was our 2nd round pick Gavin Escobar????
    At least Murray haters would have a better argument for benching Murray than Lance Freaking Dunbar who in my opinion is just a guy.
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    Neither have done anything yet.

    Lacy had some nagging injury issues that concerned NFL teams and that's why he slid into the 2nd round.

    I haven't seen what all the fuss is about with Escobar -- I can't tell him apart from a street free agent TE, however, it might take him a year or two work into a NFL body type.

    So in summary -- to early to tell.
  3. TheRomoSexual

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    Eddie Lacy is fat and overrated. We run a base 12 and you need three solid TEs to run that formation. It has also been our most effective formation. Really not that hard to understand.
  4. Risen Star

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    Of course I would take Lacy over Escobar.
  5. egn22

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    No, i get the whole idea of needing 3 TE's. Is Gavin Escobar's talent elite? I'm afraid i still don't understand.
    And i provided two examples, both Lacy and Christine Michael. you're telling me you prefer Escobar's talent over both of these players?
  6. neosapien23

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    Randle is going to be a good one. The question should have been Jonathan Hankins/Larry Warford vs Escobar which is a no brainer.
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    RB is one of the most instinctive positions on a football field. Either you have it or you do not. Murray has "missed" far to often during his time in Dallas. Dez dropping a pass does not mean he has bad hands. Romo missing a throw does not mean he is inaccurate....especially if he is nursing sore ribs. But to consistently miss a hole as a RB....that means you are "just a guy".

    The good to great RBs see things before they happen. It is a necessity to be an above average RB. Of course you have to "hit it up in there" from time to time. But the good to great RBs do not need coaching at this level. They were born to be a top notch NFL RB.

    If you are familiar with basketball..the same can be said about a PG. The great ones are born. Does not mean no one else can play the position.

    It is also like the difference between a play making QB...and a bus driver. Murray is a "bus driver" type of RB.
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  8. egn22

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    And if you're convinced that Randle will be a good one, i respect that, along with the fact that you question the Escobar pick.
  9. egn22

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    wow! i disagree completely. i think his poor vision in the KC game has a few fans thinking irrationally.
  10. Chocolate Lab

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    I'd agree with that.

    Plus they had medical questions about Lacy, and there's honestly no way we fans can know if they're right or wrong about that.
  11. egn22

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    no one has any thoughts on Christine Michael? i didn't include his name in the thread title but mentioned him numerous times already. free of medical issues. elite athleticism. no takers?
  12. bbailey423

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    we will agree to disagree. I saw it a LOT as a rookie. Again, you really cannot teach "vision" to a RB at this level. He also has a problem starting, stopping and starting again...much like Roy Williams the WR had. Which is why I think Murray seems to try to just blast throught the first crack he see's. I guess he has good straight line speed. But very little shiftiness. I understand not everyone can be Shady McCoy...but when you touch the ball 30 times like Murray did in the 1st game...you have to be more productive than he was.
  13. Chocolate Lab

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    I thought we supposedly liked him a lot pre-draft, just not nearly as high as a second rounder.
  14. FiveRings

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    If Escobar came into camp as overweight as Lacy did this board would have imploded
  15. KDM256

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    I know its over and done with but yes I would have love the fact to upgrade our runningback position sooner rather than when we did. I don't have trust in Randle because he seems to always have an injury preventing him from play. Could get better but I'm kinda on the fence when it comes to Randle.

    Escobar is our guy now and I for one is going to atleast give him a chance to make a contribution to the team this year but so far it's not so good for our next Jason Witten.
  16. Future

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    What exactly do you mean by that?

    His vision has been criticized long before Sunday.
  17. CATCH17

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    I would take Marty B / Fasano and our 2nd rounder.

    No need to keep burning 2nd rounders on these guys that don't have a big enough effect on the offense.
  18. Oh_Canada

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    Eddie Lacy-he of the 3.4 yds per carry Eddie Lacy?

    I think I'm good with Escobar given that comparison. I personally would have taken Swearinger instead, but Lacy doesn't impress me one bit and would be a backup in Dallas just as Escobar is.
  19. speedkilz88

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    They didn't have him on their board. I think he had some off field questions.
  20. Chocolate Lab

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    Oh, okay. I thought I read we liked him late as a change-of-pace Felix replacement. Guess that wasn't true or they changed their minds later.

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