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    First I want to say I'm glad they lost, Mcnabb sucks, and their whole franchise sucks and I wanna know where the Eagle fans that said this team was better than their '04 team because it sure doesnt even look close to it.This is what you have to go thruogh when you cheer when players get injured.
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    Personally, I don't have a problem with that entire org(even McNabb and Ed Rendell said that cheering over Irvin was the MOST disgusting thing they ever witnessed).

    It's the rude, crude, classless, and arrogant fans that go around and taunt everyone else how *great* their team is all the time. Heck, they act like they've won MANY titles, when, in fact, they've won NONE.

    I wouldn't hold your breath yet, as they've overcome from adversity before-but good riddance, at least they're seeing reality now.

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