Audio: Elf & Slater: WR Coach Dooley talks Dez, Terrance Williams, other receivers...w/audio

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    Published: 07 June 2013 08:19 PM
    Updated: 07 June 2013 08:19 PM

    Dallas Cowboys receivers coach Derek Dooley joined the Elf & slater Show on 105.3 FM earlier this week. Here are some highlights from the interview.

    On working with Dez Bryant:
    “Those guys are fun to watch, when you just say, ‘Go down there about 12 yards and do that thing you do. I can’t really understand it or describe it, but it works and you’re good at it.’ So he’s been fun and, yeah, he’s causing a lot of problems on the defense. What we’ve got to do now is make sure that we continue to build his repertoire so to speak, because what we don’t want to do is just have him in one place all the time. I think that’s been a little bit of the case in the past as you’re learning the system. I think he’s getting more and more comfortable with the system, that allows us to use him in a lot more different ways and hopefully create more problems for the defense.”

    On Terrance Williams:
    “He’s starting to make a lot of plays in practice, which is what we saw in the college film. It’s hard. These rookies are coming in, he’s hearing a language he’s never spoke. It’s like learning Japanese, right now. He used to get a signal and he ran a route. Now he’s got to hear a play, he’s got to lineup right, we’re moving him all over the place, and then oh, by the way, go run a route against Morris Claiborne and get open. There’s a lot to it. Each day, what I’m proud of, he’s getting a little bit better. He’s still got a long way to go. It’s a journey in the National Football League, especially at wide out, but I’m really proud of how he’s progressing.”

    Read more: http://www.**************/sports/da...-way-to-go-but-he-s-progressing-every-day.ece

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    Good stuff on TW.
  3. CowboysYanksLakers

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    Great post, thanks!
  4. SilverStarCowboy

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    Terrence Williams is a Playmaker and HAS to see the field, that guy "just scores Touch Downs."
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    I'm a Tennessee Vols fan also and somehow I do not feel confident In Derek Doolys ability to help our team. he's a good guy though.

    Red really likes him though and the one bright spot at Tennessee while he was here was the WR's so maybe my fears are unfounded.

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    I think Williams is going to be a beast. I still think he was easily our best pick.

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