Eli Manning

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by Nav22, Oct 10, 2013.

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    yeah "on track for 40 something" .....next
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    jason garrett has 2 rings too :cool:
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    I think it's too early to call. He's got several more years in which the Giants could get their issues straightened out to give him the support he needs for another Super Bowl run.

    The numbers aren't really on his sides, but those rings make voters overlook numbers.
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    The obsession with Eli by Cowboy fans is pathetic. Why do Cowboy fans worry so much about this guy? The Giants fans don't worry about Romo. They don't have any reason to. They are happy with their QB that has led their team to a pair of Super Bowl wins. For Eli to be such a horrible QB, there are quite a few threads that gets started about him by posters on this board. Eli is certainly not as good as his brother, but he has a history of stepping up in big games and making plays in pressure situations. He gets no respect on this board, but the guy was a big part of the two Super Bowl wins. Say what you want, but it is not luck that he has came up big ,time and time again for the Giants. I have respect for Eli and what he has done in his career.
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    Eli will be a pretty good litmus test for HOFers going forward, assuming he rebounds from this. Clearly he won't measure up to his peers in any meaningful way individually. He will have good counting totals, but they won't be all that impressive given the era he's played in. It's kinda like baseball, there are non-steroid guys with numbers that dwarf HOFers from decades ago, but because of all the analytics we have in baseball (park effects, ERA+/OPS+, etc) we can see some of these guys weren't truly great. One thing for sure, he's got to turn it around or he may be in trouble... he's on pace for 40 interceptions. If 2011 was his last decent season there's no way he gets in.

    For the record, I don't have a problem with Eli in the Hall... it is the Hall of "Fame" after all. I'm okay with decent players who played big parts in the history of the NFL being in. It doesn't have to be some elite shrine (for me anyway). Not to mention if it is supposed to be an elite shrine, they have to kick a LOT of people out.
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    Is he hurt or something? I mean he's always been fairly turnover prone but this is ridiculous.
  7. Doomsay

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    His throws didn't look great tonight. He looks a little jittery in the pocket too - not getting planted. His last pick was just an unforced error though.
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    Eli is 8-3 in the playoffs.

    8-0 when the opponent scores 20 or less.

    0-3 when the opponent scores more than 20.

    It really shouldn't have taken people THIS long to figure out that he's an average QB. But hopefully people can learn from this season.

    I blame the incredibly ignorant notion that "stats don't matter" when it comes to judging individual players. Stats will always matter.

    If you perform at an average level statistically year-after-year-after-year, guess what? There's a pretty good chance that you're an average player.

    Eli's pretty good when he has a good supporting cast, pretty bad when he doesn't. That's the epitome of average.

    Same goes for those who perform at a high level statistically year-after-year, EVEN WITHOUT a good supporting cast. It's not an accident.
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    That can't be true. The Giants beat us in 2010 41-35

    Edit: Nevermind. Realize you just said playoffs
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    I don't care what anyone says. Its not "luck" to win 2 rings. Sorry. Just like how people are overblowing over Romo's lack of success in closing minutes i'm not going to overblow his success in the post season. He's a solid quarterback just like Romo. He's in the same class as Romo. Nothing more nothing less. I don't think anyone has ever denied that but you can't deny his success in the post season.
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  11. DandyDon1722

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    To deny "luck" in the NFL is to be absolutely blind. It's a PI call or no call, a spot, a slip, a tip or in Eli's case, THREE drops in crucial situations in playoff games that have gone his way. He's been big time as much as he's been big time lucky. In a three point league that's the absolute truth.

    BTW - Why in the world would you be so surprised - it's a Cowboys message board. You can't be serious when you say the Giants don't worry about Romo - they absolutely do and I 've read countless threads how Romo owns them. C'mon man!
  12. Derinyar

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    I think many people are missing the biggest marker on Eli's card as far as getting into the hall of fame. His last name. I think that started him a few steps forward and the fact that the Giants managed to go on two of the bigger late season tears in the NFL in a long while got them two rings. Eli played good in those games, but over all he's a better version of Dilfer to me. A QB that's good enough not to mess it up too badly when it's given to him, but isn't going to win a lot of games when he doesn't get the full measure of support. Basically, he's got a decent shot at the hall from name and rings, but absolutely doesn't deserve to be in.
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    I still think that Briggs pick six in that game wasn't a pass in the traditional sense. I don't think Romo was throwing the ball, just the fumble never touched the ground. But I'm nitpicking and it really doesn't matter so not sure why I even brought it up.

    They, at least last night, could run block and somewhat pass block. Better than the 'boys had last season generally speaking.
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    Agreed, the Manning name will carry a lot of sway with the HOF voters + the 2 SB trophys. I see Eli as slightly above average, no comparison to Romo at all. Romo has done much more with less for his whole damn career and the stats prove that out. That is why it is so disappointing to see Romo without a ring thus far to date. Hopefully he gets his ring before his career is over...Talk about Monkeys off the back. Romo gets 1 ring and I think he is a lock for the HOF.
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    I don't know if Eli makes into HOF or not and don't care either way but I would think voters will take into consideration that Eli played in passing game era and QB rating should be compared to player's peers rather than players from different era's.
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    Wish I could figure out how to like this....BINGO!

    Sheli closes his eyes and chunks the rock and someone else does the other 90% of the work.
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    1st ballot.

    He'll have a top 10 career qb rating and yards per attempt.
  18. VACowboy

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    None of them are.
  19. KB1122

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    Eli is having a career trajectory like another New York QB - Joe Namath. Was elite for a couple of years, won the SB then went to pot.
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    Tristin Mays....she's beautiful as hell. Fell in love when i first saw her...haha

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