Emmanuel Sander's agent lies to team, pulls the ole switcheroo

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by MonsterD, Mar 16, 2014.

  1. MonsterD

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    Wow they negotiated with two teams after the agreement to a deal with the Chiefs, low-class.


  2. starfrombirth

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    Can't they pull his right to do business in the NFL for that?
  3. BigStar

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    What a crap agent, the NFL should deal with him again (Yahoo link):

    "Another NFL official told NFL.com, "This was one of the worst situations in modern football negotiations. Totally wrong. This needs to be stopped."

    It almost was previously. Weinberg was recently reinstated by the NFL Players Association, which had barred and decertified him back in 2003 because Weinberg reportedly had diverted assets to an offshore account illegally during a dispute with a former partner of his. Weinberg in turn sued the NFLPA, claiming it illegally stripped him of certification for eight years, also seeking lost income.

    Weinberg went from more than 40 clients when he was decertified to three who are currently in the NFL. He was recently reinstated, and Shutdown Corner texted four agents Sunday morning — all of whom said they were surprised that Weinberg was recertified after losing his credentials previously."
  4. lostar2009

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    I see nothing wrong. Those were verbal agreements.
  5. Maxmadden

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    Chiefs should just sign Miles Austin. He already has enough money and he plays great at Arrowhead.
  6. BraveHeartFan

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    Ehhhh...I don't imagine this is to uncommon a business practice in a lot of business places in the world. I'd be shocked if anyone thought this was really uncommon.

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