Emmitt Smith says criticism of Cowboys' Tony Romo not fair: 'This kid is running for

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by MissouriCowboy, Feb 4, 2013.

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    He is good enough for sure. I don't know if he would have in the Super Bowl with Baltimore though because really they had no busineess winning that denver game. You just can't predict a totally lucky play like that 70-80 yard blooper of a TD pass that got Baltimore into OT at Denver. I mean that ball should have been easily picked.....then again, maybe Tony would have thrown that ball. lol

    Flacco palyed very weel, but he had some serious good fortune again last night in that terribly underthrown ball that was caught in front of the safety for a long TD.
    You have to be both good and lucky and to pull it off. I think all QBs would agree.
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    LOL.....the line was aweful like it always is. We rushed for like 25 yards that game, the defense gave up 250 yards rushing. Romo was running for his life, like most games and he had to throw it 50 times as usual. That being said, the last pick was aweful. Needless to say, however, is that AGAIN, there was a man in his face.
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    This! :bow:
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    Give it up, bro! Why bother trying to talk sense into some of these "Cowboy fans".

    What happened in the int that you are talking about, was that as soon as the ball was snapped a rusher was already in Romo's face! He had to do something, so he checked out to Murry...but, the mistake Romo did make was to "lob" it to Murry rather than "fire it in" to him. If Romo would have put some "heat" on the ball, most likely it does not get picked.

    But, as usual, the haters just cannot stand not to take a shot at Romo. :cool:

    They must long for the days of Q-car, Hutch, Bledsoe, etc.
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    your right and jerry will tell us that this is a top ten oline.:bang2:
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    I used to say that if you put Romo in SF or Baltimore, then he'd win a ring.

    But he straight up botched the Washington game. Flat out choked. I don't think he can handle the big moments. He had the chance to win the game and he blew it.

    He's still one of the better QB's in the league and we could certainly have it worse.
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    Every quarterback in the NFL made similar mistakes this season, but on certain teams, it's not the difference between winning and losing every stinking time.

    Romo is a terrific player. He needs help. But yes, he makes mistakes, too, like everybody else in the league. Brees threw a ton of interceptions, Brady wasn't good against Baltimore at all, Ryan choked in Atlanta, Rogers was trash against San Fran.....
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    You ingnore so may other successful big moments. Ddin't he just thrw a TD pass in that very same game the previous drive? Yes Two point conversion to cut it to make a 3 point game? Yes
    Then a pass for a first down on the previous play before that pick with 3 minutes to go? Yes
    He was not choking. The defense busted threw and he went to check down and made a poor throw.

    The year the Saints won the Super Bowl, both Brett Favre and Peyton Manning threw end of game picks to hurt their teams too. You successfully blitz a QB enough and they will make mistakes.
    To say the pick vs Washington was just like other big games is just not true.
    That team was flat out where they were because of how ell Romo played the second half of the season.
    From comments like this you wonder if he would have been better off not have played near perfect ball for the last 6 weeks leading up to that game --basically all big games, by the way--just so everyone wouldn't place all their emphasis on 1 out of 7 games.
    It's silly
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    His credibility on the subject is light years ahead of anyone that posts on these forums.
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    Yeah...ok. Also, what he is saying on TV may just not be his TRUE personal opinion. Did you think of that angle?

    Also, have you heard that type of stuff that comes out of Deion's mouth? Is he light years ahead of everyone on this forum too?
  11. 5Stars

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    Now, Emmitt might be lying because he's on TV.

    When does it end?!!!

    :cool: :rolleyes:
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    QFT. /End thread
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    Love ya Emmitt but those interceptions in the big games are hard to ignore.
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    Please, Emmitt knows very little about football when compared to some of the posters on this here message board.
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    Cliched excuse
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    How hell is that an excuse? Put Brady, either Manning or someone like Flacco behind this offensive line and they would not survive. There aren't many, if any, quarterbacks that would succeed behind this offensive line.
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    Put any of them on this team and we finish 11-5!

    With Kyle Orton we finsh 10-6!

    The Cowboys are the best team in the East and the QB blunders is what holds this team back from being a playoff team.I won't ever be convinced that we aren't at least as good as the Bengals.
  19. weaver21

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    :lmao2: Kyle Orton? You can't be serious, right?
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    Honestly, I don't think he is.

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