Emmitt Smith's 40 time was?

Discussion in 'History Zone' started by tkiehl, Apr 15, 2006.

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    What was Emmitt's official time?......these times are like splitting hairs......I know Kai Parham's time was like 4.9 which brought his value down as an ilb.....but I believe Emmitt was slow too. Being a smart player fits more into the equation than a tenth of a second.....your opinion?
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    Emmitt wasn't a speedster in college but he wasn't as slow as people want to remember him. He was slow in the last few years of his NFL career because he was much older and had carried the ball several thousand times.

    Also, if a running back is slow at age 22, he'll be a statue at age 30 after taking hits.

    On a side note, while listening to ESPN radio the other day, they talked about a 325lb lineman that ran a 4.9 at the combine. That would be sad to be a running back and be at or worse than a heavy lineman :(
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    Emmitt was not fast on the track but he was one of those players who did not lose so much of his speed when the pads go on. He could carry his pads well whereas some of the real speedsters lose a lot when they dress out in pads. This is why I contend that the combine 40 times should be run in full pads to see what kind of football speed the guy has.
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    Emmitt was talking about his 40 time before and he was talking about how he was injured when he had to run it so he didn't get his fastest time.

    He said he ran a 4.6 when he was hurt and could've easily got a 4.4 - 4.3 if he was healthy.

    He used to be a fast dude back in the day. I mean we all did see him out run darryl green right?

    The thing about Emmitt though was his game wasn't built on speed, it was built on his vision.
  5. proline

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    I don't remember him outrunning Darryl Green, and I guess I don't believe it, either. I'd have to see a clip of that before I could be convinced.
  6. MichaelWinicki

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    Emmitt sure as hell wasn't anywhere close to being a 4.9 guy! LOL!
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    LOL!!! If Emmitt could easily run 4.3's then Reggie Bush can easily run 3.9...

  8. dfense

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    not. I remember when Green caught him around the 20 and Emmitt studder stepped and stiff armed Green to the ground then ran it in for the score.
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    I had an old sports mag that had some of the combine numbers and it listed him as 4.65, I believe. On a fast track, I think he could have gotten a 4.55. No way he could get in the 4.4s

    On the LBs, Jack Del Rio was a 5.0 guy, so you can play MLB with that kind of speed, but those types usually get pulled out on passing downs.
  10. Thomas82

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    In some of the old magazine clippings and videos I have, after Emmitt was drafted, the Cowboys coaches had him at 4.45 for his best time. I think Emmitt was faster than people thought he was. I'm not saying he was a burner, but he wasn't that slow either. He had deceptive speed. I don't know if anybody else does, but I remember him having a 96 yard touchdown run in college.
  11. AbeBeta

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    different era - guys didn't have personal trainers to get them ready for the 40 -- now they have guys working with them on building muscle groups that help you shave .2 off your 40 time.
  12. BadKarma

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    I believe Emmitt ran a 4.7 at the combine, which is probably the reason he dropped to us at 17th in the draft. While Blair Thomas, who registered a 4.45 was picked at numero dos by the Jets.
  13. Calicowboy

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    Exactly. I wish Emmitt could outrun Green, but that didnt happen.
  14. riggo

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    the answer is no. what are you smoking, dude?
  15. stag hunter

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    I remember a lot of Emmitt's long runs ending with him being caught by a DB around the 15 or 10 yard line. Lots of 50 and 60 some yard runs very few over that.
  16. Calicowboy

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    Emmitt was quick, but lacked the top end speed. His first few steps were amazing in his days.
  17. lurkercowboy

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    As soon as I saw Emmitt break free with Green in pursuit, I had flashbacks of 1983 when Green tackled Dorsett. But this time, Smith made a move and broke the tackle. But it really happened very fast. It wasn't like the two of them ran down the field together for very long. It was more of a bang-bang play. But Smith got the best of Green.
  18. BadKarma

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    Oh yeah, now I remember that play - the games against the 49ers, right? :D j/k.
  19. Jack Burton

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    Emmitt was quick and could accelerate through the hole, but he didn't have that final gear that the really fast guys have. For the most part, he didn't need it though. I always thought it was funny how he'd get caught about the ten yard line.

    The defender had to be thinking, "Yes!" since he caught up with him, but Emmitt would either shake and bake him out of his cleats, or just give him that lethal stiff arm and then go in for the score.

    You just know it had to suck to catch a guy and still not be able to keep him out of the endzone.
  20. jterrell

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    Emmitt ran a 4.68 and 4.72

    He fell like a ton of bricks, then went on to holdout and started slow.

    After that 4th or 5th game of his rookie year though it was Katy, bar the door.

    Probably the teams best ever draft pick aside from Staubach.

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