Emmitt Smith's 40 time was?

Discussion in 'History Zone' started by tkiehl, Apr 15, 2006.

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    Anybody remember the first play of the game against the Giants on the first MNF game in the early 90's? Wasn't it like a 60 yard scamper with DB's chasing him? Didn't get caught.

    He wasn't the fastest by any stretch of the imagination. It wasn't his speed that killed....it was his vision.
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    What Emmitt had was superior quickness and leg power. He could juke you bad, and you would slip right off of him because of those powerful legs. In his early days, if you dove at him, you would catch air because the dude would just side step you, and if you didn't get a good hold of him, you would not bring him down.

    IMO, you have to have some superior physical gift in order to survive this game of football.
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    Emmitt was at top speed instantly and he ran straight.

    A lot of these 4.3 or 4.4 backs are fast... running right to the sideline.

    A lot of the big TJ Duckett types have great 40 times but take that first 1.5 seconds to get going and will be slowed by a hand or closing defender.

    Once you get past jr high running back stops being about the fastest kid on the team and becomes a guy with a certain skillset.

    Emmitt simply had the best skillset on a back with the possible exceptions of Payton and Brown.
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    Yeah Emmitt not running a 4.4 40 is a major reason why we were able to snag him at #17. Another guy who ran a slow 40 and fell completely out of the draft is Priest Holmes and we all know how he turned out. Speed is definately over rated by the scouts. Give me guys like Emmitt and Holmes, guys that are willing to work and prove their greatness.
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    I would agree. The perfect example for this for a running back is Terrell Davis. He ran something like a 4.7 or 4.8/40 at the combines and had his draft stock plummet. The Broncos were able to snag him in the sixth round (196th pick overall). Managed to get voted as the league's MVP in 1998 as well as the MVP in Superbowl XXXII. In his first four full seasons, only two other running backs had more career rushing yards than Davis (Earl Campbell and Eric Dickerson).

    Using this analogy, it's difficult to put a lot of weight in the stats only at the NFL Combines. One must look at the intangibles as well in order to get an accurate gauge of the players they're scouting.
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    I couldn't care less about the 40 time of a running back. Show me their times in the 10-yard dash and the cone and shuttle drills. Success running the ball is almost entirely due to instant acceleration. Top-end speed is just a bonus.
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    Emmitt's combine time was 4.70. I know early in his career it was claimed he was really a 4.55 guy who had a bad day at the combine which seems more reasonable to me. Late in his career he was quite slow and frequently run down by mediocre LBs.

    He was way too tight in his hammies and legs to ever get the great extension needed for top end speed. What he had was vision, quickness, instincts and the ability to make tacklers miss by just an inch or two - these are things that are hard to measure and the reason why he dropped to us.

    Now allegedly Emmitt was our #4 guy on the draft board that day. We all know Junior Seau was #1 and James Francis was also above Emmitt. I'm not sure who the other guy would have been but I suspect it was Cortez Kennedy.
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    THe 10 yard dash is the best thing that ever happened to the combine.

    I did some research on this drill, and it is the perfect drill to determine the explosiveness of a player. The only guys that need top end speed are Wide Receivers/Cornerbacks/and then it would be nice to for Running backs to have it, but they need quickness and explosiveness along with power.

    A good example of explosiveness is Barry Sanders/Emmitt Smith/ and even Julius Jones has that explosiveness. (although Barry could keep accelerating to top end speed)
    On the other hand, guys like Troy Hambrick and Eddie George had zero explosiveness.

    Receivers like Terrell Owens and Cornerbacks like Deion had serious explosiveness, and even Terrance Newman has this explosiveness. If we draft Manny Lawson, you are getting a guy with "ELITE" explosiveness. This guy dusted Ware and tons of WR's coming out, including Cornerbacks and Running backs.

    So if you're a running back, and you can explode thru a whole, and have the vision to avoid defenders and the power to break tackles, you will be a stud in this league.
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    Barry Sanders didn't have great top speed, either. He might have been a 4.45-4.50 guy at his peak, but he was no burner.
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    I was thinking of that one, too.
    40 times without pads are nice for getting an idea of general speed but don't mean much with the pads on and in live game action.
    I have mentioned this on this board a few times, but I still remember Terrell Davis (the former high-school nose tackle) out running Deion, Coakley (who was allegeded to have 4.3-4.4 speed in his early years) and everybody else on the Dallas defense one day in Denver.
    Guys that know how to subtly use angles make track guys look bad on the field.
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    Just fast enough.
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    I guess that is all that needs to really be said.
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    I miss seeing that every week. He had more moves than people thought he did.
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    I think that was Philipi Sparks chasing him, with Emmitt giving the good bye wave at the 10.
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    Going by 40 times Emmitt was always slow. Period.

    Good thing for Emmitt (and the Cowboys) there's a difference between track speed and football speed.
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    He did have a major knee injury or 2 back in college.

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