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    Let me say that it is never dull being a Cowboys fan!!!If it isn't signing the most hated player in the league in TO, it is signing a coach in Parcells 10 years ago you would never have predicted would ever coach the cowboys; or it signing Deion or Herschel or trading Herschel. Wow. Give credit to Jerry- he does what is necessary from a business standpoint as well as from a football perspective.
    - I guarantee that all of the traditional "Dallas Bashers" like Prisco and Bayless are sharpening their pencils and their wit right now.
    -After listening to Rosenhaus--I feel the overwhelming desire to take a shower. The guy is slimy--he is a cross between a slimy tel-evangelist and a slimy politician--did I mention he seems slimy?
    - one thing I see in the cowboys favor is that this could very well be TO's last shot--if he screws this up, he will never see another big payday
    (7 teams with interest in TO? yeah right Rosy)
    -give huge credit to Jerry on how he approached this. He probably could have squeezed TO for a couple mill less but he realized that TO is about the size of the contract so he did NOT Disrespect TO. But, we still have the hammer in that if he screws up-say bye bye to the rest of the contract and at 34-35-forget about any one else throwing you 10 million per
    No doubt in my mind TO will vastly improve this offense
    Even though we havent been as flashy in free agency as the Browns or Redskins, we got excellent value for our dollar. Looking at our major needs--if we get a kicker and FS we can draft whatever postion falls to us- and plan for the future

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