News: Engel: Dez Bryant has grown up, and Cowboys owner’s gamble is paying off

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    By Mac Engel

    OXNARD, Calif. — [​IMG] The list is too long for even the Internet to hold so let’s just begin with saying Jerry Jones has had his share of draft day whiffs.

    On the rare occasion Jerry goes all Vegas on the draft and takes the type of risks most people run from and it actually hits, he deserves the credit. Drafting Dez Bryant was sports genius.

    Jerry, Dez and the coaching staff deserve the credit of seeing this thing through.

    “It means a lot; they stuck their neck out for me and they helped me understand,” Bryant said after Tuesday’s practice.

    His was a damaged stock that a lot of people at Valley Ranch wanted no part of; Jerry did. Even St. Deion Sanders had given up on Dez.

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    If Bigg Davis told me to do something, my only response would be, Yes Sir....
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    PROPS to the Dallas media, at least one of them, for crediting Jerry Jones. Has hell frozen over?
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    Good article... Dez is maturing which is great.

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