Eric Berry to visit the Redskins

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by cowboyjoe, Mar 30, 2010.

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    Eric Berry to visit the Redskins
    Posted by Michael David Smith on March 30, 2010 12:03 PM ET
    Draft boards around the NFL are still being configured and reconfigured, but the general consensus is that Oklahoma quarterback Sam Bradford will be the top pick, and defensive tackles Ndamukong Suh and Gerald McCoy are next.

    After those three, Tennessee safety Eric Berry may be the No. 4 prospect, so it's no surprise that the team with the No. 4 overall pick is showing some interest.

    Jason Reid of the Washington Post reports that Berry is scheduled to visit the Redskins beginning Wednesday night and extending to Thursday at Redskins Park.

    In an interesting twist to his report, Reid suggests that the Redskins really covet Bradford -- so much that they may even be thinking of drafting Berry as "part of something bigger to acquire the rights to Bradford." Reid doesn't offer any details on how that "something bigger" would transpire, but it's certainly not unprecedented for the first overall pick and the fourth overall pick to be traded after they're drafted -- that's exactly what happened in 2004 after the Chargers drafted Eli Manning and then traded him to the Giants for Philip Rivers.

    Of course, it's also possible that the Redskins just want to visit with Berry because drafting him could improve their secondary.
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    I would hate it if Berry went to Washington.

    But it would finally shut them up over exagerating how "great" Sean Taylor was.
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    Just my suggestion or opinion for the skins.

    IF you don't package players/picks to get Bradford.

    You are better off trading down a few spots and picking up some more picks or just stay where you are at and draft Okung to replace Samuels for the long term.

    But that is just me.
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    So basically, all options lol

    Its pretty obvious the priority order

    1) Bradford

    2) top o-lineman (Okung will be gone to Detroit)

    3) Trade down

    The mystery is what the FO thinks of Clausen. I don't see us taking Berry, its just part of the due diligence of the number 4 pick in taking a look at a top prospect like him
  5. BrAinPaiNt

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    Reverse the order and that is spot least my opinion of what they should do.
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    For the love of Tennessee, noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!
  7. Avery

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    This is how the top five should go if teams were smart:

    1. Rams - Bradford
    2. Lions - Okung
    3. Bucs - Suh
    4. Skins - Clausen
    5. Chiefs - Berry

    McCoy is the obvious omission here, but if he doesn't go top three, pencil him to the Hawks.
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    Skins have to do something. The fanbase is screaming for changes. With a new regime in town, it's time to rebuild at the QB spot with Campbell's successor.

    Him or Okung would make the most sense - Detroit could very well skip Okung which would be a huge mistake IMO.
  10. BigWillie

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    I would rather Berry go there than have a legitimate QB like Bradford go there.

    Someone like Clausen going there would make my day. O/U on days until someone punches Clausen in his oddly shaped head?
  11. Skinsmaniac

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    I don't think the fanbase is screaming for much. We're pretty happy that Vinny is gone and Shanahan and Allen are taking a more normal approach to the offseason. Personally, I'd hate it if we drafted Clausen.

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