Eric Fisher displays top-10 talent; major red flag on Justin Pugh

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by RS12, Jan 22, 2013.

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    » Alabama offensive tackle D.J. Fluker stole the show at the weigh-ins. He measured in at 6-foot-4 7/8, 355 pounds, and his arm length was 36 3/8 inches. He wasn't carrying any bad weight for a man that big. Due to a training injury, he won't be practicing this week, but he made the most of his time in Mobile.

    » SMU defensive end Margus Hunt was another player who elicited a lot of attention from NFL brass at the weigh-in. He measured in at 6-8 1/4 and weighed 277 pounds. He has the frame to easily add another 20 to 25 pounds. Hunt is a very raw football player, but his size is very enticing.

    » Syracuse offensive tackle Justin Pugh is a very good player on tape, but his lack of length is a concern for pro teams. His arms were only 31 1/2 inches long and that is a major red flag amongst NFL evaluators. He will likely slide inside to play guard at the next level, where his lack of length is less of an issue.

    » Arkansas quarterback Tyler Wilson is a talented signal-caller with some upside, but his hand size is less than ideal for the position. His hand measurement of 8 5/8 inches is well below average and was a popular topic of conversation among NFL scouts following the weigh-ins.

    Practice standouts
    » Central Michigan offensive tackle Eric Fisher was the best player on the field in either of Monday's practices. He was dominant in one-on-one pass-rush drills, displaying quick feet, a powerful punch and a strong base. Also, he was physical at the point of attack in the run game. He made it look easy during the entire practice. He played like a top-10 pick.
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    Welp you can scratch Fisher off the list at 18. Probably end up in Philly.
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    I'm not as big a fan of Joeckel as most people. He holds on almost every play. You can get by with it in college, but not in the NFL. It's difficult to project how good he would be without holding and without defenders that are more concerned with playing "contain" against Johnny than going all-out as pass-rushers.
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    He'll move inside to G in the NFL. He'd be repeatedly beat off the LOS at the next level at OT cause of his slow foot speed.

    I've been saying that this kid is the real deal. No way he gets past San Diego at pick 11. They desperately need a LT and he's legit. Matthews and Lewan returning to school really screwed us, I was hoping he'd be there at 18 when we picked.
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    Dude's hands would look like baby hands compared to Manziel's. lol
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    I don't think we were in line to grab a 1st round OT this year anyway. If we stink it up next year and RT is still a question mark, I could see us taking Lewan or Matthews. Either of those two would be better than Fisher in my opinion.

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