Escobar? Did he step up and show us anything?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Next Years Champ, Dec 31, 2013.

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    All these claims about Romo targeting a particular player, leading to him avoiding wide open guys is simply bogus...

    Even after the costly INT by Witten, because of Orton's poor throw, the QB the very next drive went straight to Witten consistently. The Cowboys got their TDs off of seam passes to him. They also went to Dez a couple times on the drag. This is a scheme thing.
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    I honestly don't remember. I made the post in here a few years ago with the list of teams and the players drafted, but I don't think I included them.
  3. Randy White

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    I think that's the key point right there. They believe that since Witten is such an integral part of the offense they believe lengthy period of time. Fasano and Bennett have proved that they can become solid TEs when given the chance. Thank goodness they did not get that chance in Dallas because that would have meant Witten being down for a long while.
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    Right! All those 2nd round TEs where more like insurance than key contributors. Expensive insurance, perhaps, but insurance nonetheless.
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    Well, he's not.
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    Agree on that transistion. Seems to me we need a TE who on 3rd and long can get beyond the marker. witten very often does not do that
  7. jobberone

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    He does an adequate forward flip.
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    I think Escobar is just fine long term. The question is was there a lineman either side of the ball who would have helped more in 2013.
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    There was a time with this team where you could take a guy like a Leon Lett or a Stepnoski and coach them up and get some decent production in them and not invest much.

    Those days are gone.

    You just can't do that anymore.

    We just don't have the coaching structure in place to do that.

    If you have 50% of your roster built like that.. Jones has now admitted about Garrett..

    ..needing on the job seasoning to get your return on investment..

    ..and having to accept the shortcomings as part of the investment..

    ..then 50% of your roster is holding you back..

    ..just like your HC is.

    This is completely insane from the standpoint of winning.

    The team doesn't have that sort of mortality to give.

    So..its really over before you start..

    ..and the owner is accepting mediocre results in the disguise of improving things.

    All of this sharply focuses what is happening and why each season they lose.

    Dallas is now irrelevant as an NFL team and suddenly takes on a prep school mentality from the very top.

    This is nuts.
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    It doesnt matter how talented Escobar may be Witten will continue to get most of the Te catches until he cant produce or isnt on the team. I thought when Escobar was targeted he produced, but this offensive system doesnt run through two tes like the Cowboys think.
  11. Next Years Champ

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    You mean Romo doesn't?
  12. waving monkey

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    so what
  13. Hoofbite

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    Still ringing in the new year?
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    Yea and make no mistake i'm not comparing him to Graham but he sort of plays like him as opposed to Bennett who....I never got why he looked like a left tackle playing tight end. He's a great athlete and can hoop and dunk the basketball but on that football field you don't see him use any of his basketball talents.
  15. Next Years Champ

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    Bennett was another of those guys that we spent 4 years developing and then let them find their places elsewhere.

    Ratliff the same..Spencer now the same and soon to be Hatcher.

    That's just a small slice of the roster that represents a ton of talent we'll take years to recover.

    I get the desire to want to compare him to Graham. I hope so.

    The problem is..its not Drew Bree's throwing.

    Its Romo and he and Witten got it doing.

    The one thing I don't want to see is this directive to have Escobar add 25 lbs. In order to be a blocking TE like a Witten or a Bennett and screw up his catching skills in the process.

    Just for once, I'd like to see our players chosen and utilized conventionally instead of these hybrid projects that will take 3-4 years to develop..

    just in time to watch them leave.

    Somehow..our coaching needs to find ways to change the schemes more if needed to get them on the field.
  16. KJJ

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    Escobar's rookie season wasn't near as productive as Bennett's rookie season and was on par with Anthony Fasano's rookie season. The play he made on Sunday Night didn't change my feeling about selecting him. I didn't like the pick in April and I don't like the pick now. I have nothing against Escobar the "player" it's "position" we picked I have a problem with. Escobar would probably be a very good player for a team that doesn't have a Jason Witten. As long as Witten is here Escobar is never going to live up to his #2 draft status. I said on draft day I wanted Eddie Lacey in the 2nd round who ended up going 14 selections after Escobar. The Cowboys could have traded down and got Lacy. They entered last years draft with a need at RB due to a poor running game and injury concerns with Murray.

    Lacey who was the top rated RB would have been an excellent choice and he and Murray would have provided the Cowboys with a terrific one-two punch at RB giving the team an consistent running game all season. Drafting Lacey would have also saved the Cowboys from wasting a #5 pick on Joseph Randle who's not going to amount to much. If the Cowboys continue on with Witten which could be for another 2-4 years Escobar will end up like Fasnao and Bennett producing for another team that has a need for him.
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  17. Risen Star

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    If it'll take years to recover from that loss of talent, fire your entire front office and scouting department and start over.
  18. rocyaice

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    I don't think its fair to right Randle off just yet. We have a decent recent history of drafting OSU players. LOL

    Hindsight is always 20/20. I would've considered taking a running back with the 2nd pick in the draft to be a waste. We only run Demarco 17 times a game anyway.

    Eddy Lacey looked good but he wouldn't have done much here. He would've been just as productive as Escobar was. He would've came in for Demarco when he got hurt but he would've been right back on the bench like Randle was.
  19. KJJ

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    Randle averaged only 3 yards a carry and saw carries in only 5 games. What I'm saying about Lacey I said during the draft in April. How could taking the top rated RB in the 2nd round have been a waste when Murray has a history of missing games every year with injuries and may not even be resigned due to all the injuries? Murray missed 6 games in 2012 and 2 games this past season he's missed games every season. Lacey produced almost 1200 yards and 11 TD's behind a Packers OL that's not as good as the Cowboys OL was in 2013. The Packers depended on him with Rodgers out and he stepped up. He would have been an excellent short yardage back for the Cowboys and would have been tough to keep out of the end zone in goal line situations.

    You need 2 good backs and he and Murray would have given the team a great one-two punch at RB. Lacey would have done a lot for the Cowboys when Murray was out and with his power would have provided a dimension that Barber gave the team. Lacey ran all over the Cowboys for 141 yards averaging over 6 yards a carry on a bad ankle. Escobar is playing behind a player who never misses games and has plenty left in the tank. Lacey made a hell of a lot more sense than Escobar in the second round.
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    There are those hybrid TEs coming out, sure, but this guy is an outstanding pass catcher. His skillset in that regard is elite.

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