News: ESPN: 10 offseason questions: Romo's recovery

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    The Cowboys have major decisions to handle regarding their franchise this offseason. Todd Archer and Calvin Watkins along with some guests answer some of biggest issues for the Cowboys this week. 1. Will Tony Romo return to form after back surgery?

    Calvin Watkins: Of course he will. The only concern regarding Romo's recovery is when he'll participate in the offseason program. After he had a cyst removed from his back last year, Romo missed some offseason work and came into training camp overweight.

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    Watkins and Archer have positive outlooks on him..
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    I have no doubt he'll return to form. If he's healthy all season, he could easily be even better, IMO.
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    Based on what has been reported the procedure went as expected and he is on schedule in his recovery. As of now I have no worry that Romo will be ready to go for the 2014 season.
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    Personally I've had 7 back surgeries in 5 years, to include 2 microdisc surgeries and a cyst removal. I'm also in the military and this is a very common injury/surgery and can tell you that I wouldn't be overly optimistic with Romo being the QB of old. These surgeries are more an indicator that Tony has a degenerative problem as opposed to a one time injury, and if that is so there is really no getting better long term. When you look at the fusions that Peyton had they were on his cervical spine which has a much higher success rate than the lumbar section. He had part of his disc cut out during this surgery, now he has less disc between whatever 2 vertebrae he had surgery on. Once herniated the likelihood of subsequent herniation's go up, and this is what I've seen in myself and coworkers where our job is more physical than the general population but no where as physical as an NFL player.
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    Unfortunately bad backs don't go away. You manage it and minimize your risk. The timing of Romo two back surgeries and hiring Linehan is odd at best. Just when Dallas should be altering their offensive strategy to running the ball more they hire Don Coryell on steroids (linehan). Like most decisions made by Dallas these days, injury will dictate their next move not forward thinking.
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    Coryell on steroids? Det ran the ball an avg of 27.8 times a game more than Houston or KC this despite having Megatron on their team. Yes Det threw the ball a lot with good reason they also on avg had 39 passes per game vs 27 runs per game. When he was coaching the Rams Jackson had the most carries ever in his career so it is not as if Linehan is opposed to running the ball and shows me he is willing to put the ball in the hands of the weapons he has
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    I look at his total work at St. Louis & Detroit. He was brought in for throwing game. He would far down on list for RB consultation.
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    He was brought in to call the offense not just throwing the ball. Hell Det ran a lot more than we did and again with Megatron you better believe they were going to put the ball in his hands but that does not mean they will not run the ball and he did that as well in Det. This crap of oh he is only going to throw? Based on what his numbers do not indicate that at all.

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