News: ESPN: A quick look at Cowboys' 2014 schedule

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    IRVING, Texas -- There is a lot at stake for the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday when they play the Philadelphia Eagles. Win, and they make the playoffs for the first time since 2009. Lose and they will have dropped a winner-take-all finale for the third straight season. But they would have an “easier” schedule in 2014. Sort of. Like the NFC East, the NFC North and NFC South are not settled yet. The Cowboys will play either the Carolina Panthers or New Orleans Saints at home in 2014, and either the Chicago Bears or Green Bay Packers on the road depending on if they finish first or second in the NFC East.

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    AFC South and NFC West next year?

    I think the West will come down a peg or two, but the AFC South is probably going to be improved...couldn't be much worse. Good chance we face rookie QBs against Jax, Ten, and Houston.
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    If Dallas loses all I want is the bears beat the packers, lions win thier game then cowboys come back to detroit next year.. That is all.
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    8 and 8, here we come!!!!

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