News: ESPN: Archer Cowboys chat recap - 6/4/14

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    IRVING, Texas -- We held a chat for about an hour on Wednesday in which we touched on a number of subjects related to the Dallas Cowboys:

    ** Morris Claiborne’s ability to be the player the Cowboys thought

    ** The potential of a top-five pick in 2015

    ** Signing Dez Bryant or Tyron Smith first

    ** How J.J. Wilcox has looked so far in the OTAs.

    For the full chat, click here.
    Rico (North Jersey)

    I do not understand why eveything is so down on the 'Boys due to the Sean Lee injury. You knew it was going to happen and is better that it happen now that in the middle of the season. Lee is an awesome player but we need to start looking for a healthier replacement. I think the Holloman kid will be a stud...what do you think?

    Todd Archer
    (12:03 PM)

    I understand your point, but it's never good to lose your best defensive player at any point. And that's what Lee is. I don't want to say it's better to lose him now because that's just cold but it does give the Cowboys time to find a guy rather than working n the fly. As for Holloman,I'm not sure he will be a stud. He showed he can find the ball in the little he played last year, but I'm not sure stud is the word I would use. Honestly, just hope for solid.

    Danny (Houston)

    Putting the health issues aside, Do the cowboy coaches still believe that M. Claiborne's skill-set is worthy of a top 6 pick? Before drafting a player, coaches believe they are good - but they should know after watching him matchup with NFL talent

    Todd Archer
    (12:07 PM)

    If they don't believe that, then you will never hear them say it. They just can't be that honest, especially when they need Claiborne to play at a high level. There is skill there. To me it's been a confidence issue. He's been playing not to lose instead of playing to win, if that makes sense. This is a huge year for him. He must turn it around. If he doesn't then it was as big a waste in the first round Jerry Jones has had.

    Rob (FL)

    IF Brent is brought back doesnt that put a dark cloud over the team? How do the players feel about him and is he a good fit in the 4-3 with what the Dline already has?

    Todd Archer
    (12:09 PM)

    I've said this before about Brent: I believe he should be allowed to play again; I just don't think the Cowboys should be the team that gives him the chance. It would not be a good situation. Brent will have paid his debt but the story will never go away. He's an OK player but not so good that you should want to live with all of the talk surrounding him on the roster. His teammates like him. They think he's a good guy who made a tragic mistake.

    Mo (Las Colinas)

    Jason Garrett said recently that they're doing more dynamic stretching at Valley Ranch now. I read an article on yahoo yesterday that teams have done that for a while now. Why are the Cowboys behind on the trend?

    Todd Archer
    (12:13 PM)

    They're not behind on the trend. Teams just do it different ways. Woicik did it when he was at New England. It's just a different way to get loose. It's not brain surgery.

    Brent (Sherman)

    With the addition of Zach Martin and many reports predicting Dallas to have one of the top O lines in the league, do you see Dallas FINALLY committing to the run? It would take pressure not only off of Romo but what seems to be right now a shaky defense.

    Todd Archer
    (12:17 PM)

    It depends on how you want to define committing to the run. Will they be 50-50? Nope. Will they be closer to 60-40? Sure. The commitment to the run comes when you have a lead and run it in the fourth quarter. Do I think Linehan will be more committed to the run if they have a lead? I do, but I'm not sure how good this defense will be so they can just go ground and pound late.

    Cris A. (Dallas, TX)

    If you were Jerry who do you pay first, Dez or T. Smith?

    Todd Archer
    (12:18 PM)

    I'd probably go Tyron Smith. It's not a vote against Dez Bryant at all. I think he's fantastic, but it's harder to find an All-Pro quality left tackle. Smith is only 23. I'd go with Smith and I'd give him some ridiculous deal (nine years, close to $100 million) now because the price only goes up.

    Dave ,scottsdale az [via mobile]

    I'm hearing a lot of good things about Devin street do you think he can make the same kind of impact that Williams made last yr..

    Todd Archer
    (12:24 PM)

    He's doing OK. He had two drops the other day I didn't like. I'm not sure I see 44 catches and five touchdowns for Street the way Williams did last year, but that doesn't mean he won't be effective. Let's say Bryant and Williams stay healthy, they like Beasley and Harris too. There are roles for these guys. If Street gets you 25-35 catches, I think that's a good thing.

    Erik (PA)

    You need to go on and debate with those guys sometime. I think it would be awesome. Putting that aside there anyone on the team currently that you have watched that isn't doing very good? Garrett says everyone looks good and is doing a good job and we all know that is a lie. Who do you say, yea this guy isn't any good and wont make the team?

    Todd Archer
    (12:27 PM)

    It's hard not to look OK in these OTAs. And if you struggle, then you'll struggle when the pads come on. Right now, I think B.W. Webb needs to play better of the guys who could see a real role on the team.

    Continue reading...
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    More discussion tidbits from Todd Archer
  3. Alexander

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    Same. He was a disappointment when he had opportunities. Very tentative and soft.
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    This is such a dumb statement. Every team with a 4th qtr lead SHOULD want to run, but the commitment should be throughout the game not just if you are lucky enough to have a 4th qtr lead. If you commit to the run you will have more 4th qtr leads!

    "The commitment to the run comes when you have a lead and run it in the fourth quarter."
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    That's what I thought too. Make them honor the play action.
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    Nah…better to just go shotgun and out execute the other team. Fooling a defense, keeping them honest or not telegraphing what your play is is just outdated in the NFL. Who doesn't love 5 WR shotgun on 3rd and 2.
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    His response to this makes no sense to me. They were going to draft Shazier to replace Carter. Why wouldn't they have then moved an underachieving Carter to MLB while Lee is out?
  8. NJ22

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    Exactly. This whole take what they give you mentality basically allows a team to completely take you out of the run game and pass every down. The more you pass the more chance for turnovers and/or less time consuming possessions. Do we think that the 90's cowboys gave a rats *** if there were 8 in the box? No way. They dictated the game plan and didn't just react to what the D shows you. And especially when you have a struggling defense. A commitment to the run also chews up clock, this may keep your opponent to 10 possessions instead of 12 or 13 in a game regardless if you score on every drive. That is 2-3 less opportunities for your D to fail each game. This helps not only bad D's but good D's too.
  9. Idgit

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    Yeah, I wonder what the plan was with the LBs if we'd drafted Shazier. He'd pretty obviously have been the WIL. Not sure what that might have meant for Carter this year.
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    My thought was, why would someone even ask this since Shazier has nothing to do with who plays where now, before or after Lee's injury. He wasn't drafted, it doesn't matter.
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    I guess I could have at least included Archer's response that made no sense to me so that my response could have made sense to you. My apologies.

  12. Pottsville Maroons

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    Very good point. It's not like we passed on the guy. He was off the board when our turn came.

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