News: ESPN: Ben Bass undergoes shoulder surgery

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    IRVING, Texas – Dallas Cowboys defensive tackle Ben Bass underwent left shoulder surgery on Tuesday and will need four months of recovery time. Bass was placed on injured reserve last week after dislocating his shoulder in a practice. The initial hope was that Bass would miss at least one month, but with the need for a roster spot and more damage in the joint the Cowboys ended his season before it could really begin. How is the dislocation of Bass’s shoulder different than the one cornerback Morris Claiborne suffered in Sunday’s win against the New York Giants?

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    Good thing we put him on IR when we did. A lot of people said keep him on the roster, but the right move was made at the right time.
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    Dislocation cause separations. Claibornes dislocation was caused by force to the top of the shoulder on the humerus so it slipped down and out these tend to cause less. Bass probably had his done with the arm extended and it was probably dislocated with lateral force pushing the arm towards his head which causes stress on the shoulder socket plus the area where the collar bone and clavical meet causing a stretching of the ligaments on a stationary joint. the Injury is probably more similar to emmits during the NFC playoff game against the Giants where he landed on the elbow and caused the upper arm to be jammed up into the shoulder joint. One of the lingering effects of this is sometimes the ligaments do not stretch back wwhne they heal and it leaves the should socket loose and the humerus bone will slide in and out of socket. He most likely had to have an open capsular shift where they go in and shorten the ligaments to tighten up the shoulder.

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