News: ESPN: Brandon Carr calls 2013 a learning process

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    Cowboys cornerback Brandon Carr finished the 2013 season with three interceptions and 13 pass breakups. Numbers aside, Carr's season could be viewed as a disappointment. In an interview with Michigan Live, Carr called his 2013 season a learning process. "Individually, this season was a learning process for me," Carr said last week after visiting his high school, Carman-Ainsworth, in Flint, Mich. "I came to Dallas with high expectations, with a chip on my shoulder and a lot of things that I wanted to accomplish as well.

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    He was playing so well before Calvin Johnson match-up. And then that game happened. Either Johnson was inhuman that game or we have bunch of sheep in wolf's clothing.
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    That's about the same time that we started trotting out CFL players on the defensive line.

    How many times did we pressure Matthew Stafford in that game, or any other QB in any subsequent game?
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    So does Jason Garrett.
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    sounds like alot of excuses. From what I saw....CJ was catching passes with 3 guys all around him. That has nothing to do with a defensive lineman. Those guys were in position but CJ had literally take their heart out for everyone to see. Carr never recovered from that for good reason...he just isn't as good as Hatcher was building him up to be or some fans think he is.
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    He's a dime a dozen cornerback who makes an impact on nothing.

    He learned he was Calvin Johnson's *****.
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    I agree. To be honest, I would be fine with him if he was a guy we drafted in the third or 4th round and he was on the rookie deal. I think he is a solid starter. Although to think our front office and fans thought he was the solution to our defense woes and worthy of that big contract is hard to take with a straight face.
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    Just as long as they really learned something, I'm cool with it.

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