News: ESPN: Callahan: I must make offense 'look better'

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    IRVING, Texas -- Considering the setup the Dallas Cowboys are using for their offense this season, it is difficult to find who to pin the blame for the No. 19 ranking after 10 games. Is it head coach Jason Garrett, considering it is his offense? Is it offensive coordinator/offensive line coach Bill Callahan, who is calling the plays. Is it Tony Romo, since the quarterback has more say in the offense than ever before? Is it all three? In praising Romo’s involvement, Callahan took the heat for the overall picture.

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    in finishing the title

    "....or lose my job"
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    or "never work again"
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    Shut up Callahan.. I didn't think anybody could be close to as bad as Garrett, but your getting close...
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    Todd Archer needs to shut up as well... Guy loves to implicate everybody but Garrett.. Now it's Romo's ideas, when running the same crappy offense.
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    If he is serious about making it better he would quit ..
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    You didn't pay enough attention to his statement. He is interested in making it look better, not in making it actually be better.

    Monte Sliger

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