News: ESPN: Checking in on Cowboys' free agents

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    IRVING, Texas – The Dallas Cowboys have lost two players in free agency -- Jason Hatcher and Danny McCray -- with eight players still available on the market. DeMarcus Ware does not count as an unrestricted free-agent signing because he was released, and the Cowboys would not receive a compensatory pick in 2015. Here is a look at the status of their remaining free agents:

    Here is a look at the status of their remaining free agents:

    RB Phillip Tanner – The Cowboys did not tender him a deal as a restricted free agent, thus allowing him to sign elsewhere. It is possible he'll return on a one-year deal at the minimum, but it is unlikely.

    DE Edgar Jones – Has some value because he can play special teams. Another one-year deal at the veteran minimum or possibly a minimum-salary benefit player.

    OL Ryan Cook – Did not play last year because of a back injury. His ability to play center and guard helps, but the Cowboys want to get better and younger with their reserve interior linemen.

    QB Jon Kitna – He will go back to coaching high school football and teaching math.

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    Any guys on the list, y'all think might make their way back?
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    Anthony Spencer is indeed the most likely to re-sign, they can get him cheap and there's of course that familiarity. If he's not healthy by the time the season starts, cut him or get an injury settlement. I'd like to see Tanner back as depth for pre-season, he always seems to shine at this time but there's younger guys in the draft as well. I thought Wynn did a solid job on the d-line, I think he could provide good depth as well.
  4. iceberg

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    If we let ware go, Spencer should be a foregone conclusion.
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  5. Risen Star

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    I think Spencer will be back. There's no market for him coming off that injury. Might as well stay home and sign a one year deal on the cheap with the Cowboys.
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    No one that will make any kind of long term impact.
  7. NextGenBoys

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    Ware was let go due to salary. Spencer will not command anything near what Ware was.
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    I'd take Tanner back if I was Dallas.

    They need the depth at RB be at least 3 deep to make it for 16 games.

    He's run determinedly when used.
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  9. iceberg

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    how do you know?

    the point is we tagged him for (2) years at top $. neither of those years provided value. if we can walk away from ware, we should run away from spencer. the only reason people seem to want to resign him is out of name. not production. hell, 2 years ago the board was up in arms we tagged him. now we must sign him at a...who knows rate?

    risk: no guarantee he will even see the field in 2014.
    reward: searching.

    we have no idea who will pay what for spencer, but if we're to redo our DL, redo it.

    let go of what didn't work.

    i don't care if spencer would do it for vet minimum, move on.
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  10. Wood

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    I was all for resigning Spencer but you make some valid points.
  11. RonSpringsdaman20

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    Lets revisit this list in November. They may still be free agents.
  12. Chocolate Lab

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    I don't know what you're talking about. Two years ago he had his best year, made his first Pro Bowl, and was clearly our best player on defense. Why are you acting like he was a bum that year?

    I'm not saying we should re-sign him, because that's a serious injury and we have no idea of knowing how well he is. But when healthy, he can play. And you wouldn't even give him the minimum? You clearly just don't like him for whatever reason.
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    so at 28 he had his best year, cashed in, and has not made a game changing play in the last 2 years.

    he is a 2nd tier player. solid, but not a game changer. he never was. why we tagged him i still can't fathom. you seem to say we should rush to sign him cause at 28, he made his 1st pro bowl.

    he's not a bum. i'm *not* an extremist. he was a 2nd tier player who did well for us but was *never* a superstar.

    i'd not give him the minimum cause we gave him top 5 and he played what, 32 downs? his surgery is 50/50 a best to ever play again. his history is NOT top notch?

    people bash jones for holding on, but hey, shine that same light away from me.

    spencer will never be in the ring. he'll never be mentioned much more than an afterthought when he's gone (outside those who wanna bash jones for the tag stuff).

    what i want us to do is establish direction and go. if we're ok with letting ware go, letting spencer walk shouldn't be an issue. i'm trying to see all sides.

    you're trying to say i'm calling him a bum.

    stop. i NEVER said that. i said if we're moving on, move on.
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  14. AmishCowboy

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    Seems like they're waiting on Spencer, maybe Wynn for some more depth
  15. Fredd

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    I'm ambivalent towards Spencer...I like what he brought when he was healthy, he now isn't healthy....move on? sure, why not.....sign him to a vet minimum? sure, why not
  16. casmith07

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    Absolutely. Phillip Tanner.

    The Joseph Randle pick made me scratch my head.
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  17. phildadon86

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    Completely agree with everything you said here. That tag was ridiculous. Run away from spencer the same way Jenkins ran away from that tackle against Green Bay. Lol, sorry i just really liked that analogy.
  18. theSHOW

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    Would love to see a healthy Brian Waters here. Does anybody know if he silently had the triceps repaired? I believe Anthony will be back, but it will be at a low cost low year deal, and he will be running and showing us he can play. This contract may develop after June 1st. I would have no problem going with the group of backs we had last year as long as we do the right thing draft day. Maybe possibly Wynn if the draft doesn't go right.
  19. morasp

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    I think the Tanner situation says they might add a running back this year in the draft. Especially considering how running backs have slipped to later rounds lately and how many picks we have in the seventh.
  20. big dog cowboy

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    I don't remember seeing any news concerning Waters surgery so I don't think it's done.

    At this point I'd rather go C/OG early in the draft and hire Waters as Asst. OL coach.

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