News: ESPN: Checking in on Cowboys' free agents

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    Okay, but you keep talking about him "cashing in" and referencing the money he made. Why does that bother you so much? That's irrelevant. You (and others, not just you) also keep talking about the injury as if he did a Ratliff and just didn't want to play. He suffered a serious knee injury that no person would ever want no matter what their contract was. Not the same thing at all.

    And hasn't made a game changing play in two years... This is 2014. In 2012 he was one of the best OLBs in football. I still don't get your math.

    I don't know why you said "you seem to say we should rush to sign him" when I clearly said "I'm not saying we should re-sign him". Look at the post, it's right there.

    Like I said, you clearly just don't like the guy. Which is your right. but your logic on not wanting him for even the cheapest deal possible makes no sense. The money is what obviously would separate him from Ware, as others pointed out.
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    if the team is moving on to younger players move on how many of those players would make that team that much better
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    Well said my friend, stay thirsty.
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    stop putting words on my screen.

    i have no emotional attachment or hate for the guy. i just think he's not done a thing in 2 years and his best year got him 2 years to do nothing. you seem to want to argue over points i'm not making, so bye.
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    The assistant would garner major respect. I also want to see dedication to the offense and defensive lines on draft weekend. I'll take any part of that right side including a tackle. BPA And the draft is loaded on the offensive line.
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    [​IMG] He once had an awkward moment just to see how it feels.......stay thirsty Filthadelphia.. City of forever Losers. Zero Super Bowl titles
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    The team should move on from Tanner. He is JAG. Dunbar showed "flashes" and that is what you want from RB depth. There are plenty of rbs (draft, even UDFA) that could take his place. Randle was a wasted pick (I know its only been a year, but yeah).
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    I think all the players mentioned in the OP are extremely iffy. Spencer is the most likely to return but the least likely to be healthy enough to do so. His progress or lack thereof has reportedly been extremely unimpressive thus far. He bears watchful scrutiny.
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    Love that picture:)
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    not Kitna:confused:

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