ESPN Clayton: Julius considering trips to Chi and Philly after Seattle

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by WoodysGirl, Mar 6, 2008.

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    Alexander's end run? Cowboys halfback Julius Jones made it to Seattle for a visit. If they sign him, that could mean the end of Shaun Alexander's days in Seattle. Signing Jones to go along with T.J. Duckett gives the team a one-two backfield punch and still doesn't prevent the team from drafting a running back in the first three rounds. Jones, who has visited the Titans and the Lions, is considering trips to Chicago and Philadelphia.
  2. Coakleys Dad

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    I love to see him in Philly, runnin right into the back of Runyan & fallin down..
  3. Chocolate Lab

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    I wondered if Chicago wouldn't want him after letting his brother go turned out to be such a mistake.
  4. Fletch

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    Jones sure is making the rounds. A part of me wishes him well. And another part of me hopes Julius face plants and proves why the Cowboys did not resign him.

    He never lived up to the lofty standards that the fans had for him. Then again, he never really got on track after his rookie season.

    For the most part, many fans kept giving JuJo the benefit of the doubt, then he'd turn in a very pedistrian type season. '

    And let us not forget that a 4th rounder from Minnesota stole the spotlight, and Jones just couldn't seem to match that 4th rounder's production.
  5. UVAwahoos

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    Save this for when Carpenter becomes a free agent so you can just copy it into that thread too.
  6. cowboyeric8

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    Good for him, he is weighing his options and money.
  7. Boysboy

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    I have absolutely no idea how JJ got SO much hype-I remember back before the '05 season, just about every food/beverage ad had him on their displays in the grocery store-and this wasn't in Dallas, it was in New Orleans.(one of the small markets, of course)

    If anything, that high ankle sprain that he suffered on a Trotter tackle in wk5 of that season pretty much put the nail in his coffin-otherwise, he looked to get very on-tracked after a slow start.
  8. Boysboy

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    I think Carpenter, OTOH, will pan out fine when he plays MLB on a 3-4. It was just like Jonathan Vilma on the Jets-excellent MLB, but couldn't do anything in a 3-4.
  9. ThreeSportStar80

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    I think he'll make a good fit in Chicago honestly...
  10. SuspectCorner

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    I think I prefer Seattle - it places him further from Dallas.
  11. jbsg02

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    Seattle and Chicago were the 2 teams he had his best games against his rookie season
  12. BrassCowboy

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    I would actually like to see him in Philly. He can "try" to prove himself twice a year.... LOL yeah right...
  13. Boysboy

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    Bingo! I would be laughing my arse off for a month.
  14. TDHND

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    i've been a jj fan for a long time and wish him well at a team like seattle or chicago.i want to be able to root for him.
  15. iceberg

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    the question is - if seattle does cut alexander, would we pick him up as a backup? how much would he even command? i'd have to think someone would pay more than we would for him, if we were even interested.
  16. Angus

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    I heard it somewhere: Be careful what you wish for!

  17. cowboyeric8

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    And what happens if he rips off a game Duce Staley style on us?

    REDVOLUTION Return to Dominance

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    Its like a Magical Mystery Tour. Where he ends up no one knows?

    He should beg the Bronco's to take him.
    I dont see a big contract in his future.
  19. Joe Rod

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    I haven't heard of a Contract offer yet. Perhaps this means that Jujo thinks more of his skills than the teams do? Possibly a scenario where folks are telling him that they will give him a call after the Draft.
  20. UVAwahoos

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    He's the Shaq of the NFL. Overweight, huge contract, no motivation, and washed up. Sounds like a perfect fit for the Redskins, no?

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