News: ESPN: Cole Beasley gets back on track

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by CCBoy, Aug 24, 2012.

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    Cole Beasley gets back on track

    After brief departure from Cowboys, SMU ex emerges as playmaking slot option

    By Calvin Watkins

    ARLINGTON, Texas -- The summer of Cole Beasley could end with him on the Dallas Cowboys' 53-man roster in the fall.

    Cowboys backup Cole Beasley has fought through personal issues early in camp to become the team's top slot receiver.

    He went from an undrafted free-agent wide receiver from SMU to impressing the coaches in offseason practices.

    But less than two weeks into training camp, Beasley left the team for personal reasons. The Cowboys gave him 48 hours to reconsider.

    He did. Since his return in early August, Beasley went from receiving third-team snaps to becoming the first-team slot receiver.

    He left it all out on the field during his seven-catch, 104-yard effort in the second preseason game last week at San Diego in which he threw up.

    Beasley's effort doesn't surprise SMU coach June Jones, who worked with Cowboys wide receivers coach Jimmy Robinson in Atlanta and talked to him about Beasley before the draft...
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    I really appreciate it when the guys covering Dallas take the time to get a relevant quote from somewhere outside the organization. You don't see it very much, and it's always nice to hear.

    I'm tough on Calvin, because I think he sucks, but I appreciate the 'extra' work here.
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    Enter thread number 115 on Cole Beasley.

    Good quote from his ex college coach, right down the street.
    I do think he'll get some catches this week...and maybe even one or two from Tony hopefully.
  4. Idgit

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    I was wrong on Beasley after only looking at his college highlights. His cuts are fantastic, and judging by what people have to say, he runs the right routes. He not only makes the team, he's the kind of drive-extender we really need on offense. He's quick-footed enough that he's a role player you can't really cover with a regular linebacker, so putting him in the game forces teams to be aware of that wrinkle. When you have to calculate how you're going to neutralize a role-player, that opens up issues for defending the run or lets you get a more-favorable matchup for one of your WRs. Between him, Witten, and Murray, our third-and-manageables are going to look a lot more manageable this season. Especially if Austin can stay healthy enough to be a consistent legitimate deep-threat.
  5. DFWJC

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    He has a real shot.
    It seems clear that he is capable of getting open and being where he needs to be. I just wish he could help us on special teams as well.

    I put him right at 50-50 if we keep 5 and, of course, better than that if we keep 6. I like Harris' all-around game, so I'm hoping he can stick as well. It's a tough call for the coaching staff when you add in D Coale and Holmes and assume KO is in.

    Just recall that June Jones has said at least a half-dozen of his college WRs would be great in the NFL and none really have.
    I hope Beasley breaks that streak.
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    He adds a nice bit of diversity to the skill set of the other WRs on the team.
  7. juck

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    50-50? I put him at playing up to 10 plays a game in the slot by week 3. Romo needs a player like him.
  8. DFWJC

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    Man crushes are not outlawed here, Juke.
    You are allowed to have yours.:p:

    I like the kid okay too. Nothing against him except maybe that he won't help us on special teams and may be a liabilty on run plays.

    So do you think he is number 4 now on the depth chart? Kind of sounds like you do.
  9. ravidubey

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    I could care less about whether Beasley, Harris, and Ogletree remain Cowboys. They are borderline practice squad players.

    I suspect we'll see one or two cuts in our WR corps within 48 hours after 53-man rosters are due.

    Who wants to be the next Laurent Robinson? A beast named of Tony Romo is waiting to make you a star.
  10. ABQcowboyJR

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    I like him alot as well. However, I see a Danny A situation playing out. I think Holmes and Coale are locks. Now if they keep Ogle...... I think 50/50 odds are spot on.
  11. elcowboi

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    I like this kid. He seems like he can be our Robinson of last year. I know that's saying a lot.
  12. blackbull

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    Holmes has no business making the team. None! He will easily pass through waivers.
  13. Wimbo

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    People keep invoking Danny Amendola like it's a bad thing... I don't quite understand it. Can you fill me in as to why that is bad?
  14. jobberone

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    I feel good about him but remain concerned about his release. It doesn't seem it takes a lot to get him redirected. Maybe his quickness will negate this until he gets stronger.
  15. BAT

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    June Jones also spoke highly of Scandrick when he came out as well. Now that I think of it, June would make a very good passing game coordinator.
  16. wittenacious

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    All things considered, I admire the kid and am really pulling for him to make the team... not just the 53-man squad, but the gameday team as a rotational WR, and PR for us on STs.

    Not to be unduly infatuated here... as I know we fans can be guilty of each TC... but I really think Beasley has the talent and proven ability to succeed — work ethic, football smarts, determination, skillset — momentary self-doubt aside.
  17. gimmesix

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    Based on when he is playing, he appears to be fourth. He and Dwayne Harris seem to be seesawing for the role, with Beasley getting shots as the No. 3 receiver with the (preseason) starting group of Bryant and Ogletree but Harris set to get the start against St. Louis on Saturday (possibly because Dallas wants to keep Beasley in the slot).

    The wild card there is Danny Coale. Would he have been getting Beasley reps if he had been healthy?
  18. DFWJC

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    Hopefully our QBs have time again in the pocket this week so all of these youngsters can get some quality reps in. I espcially want to see them vs NFL starters, and with Tony throwing them the ball.
    Should be fun.
  19. Idgit

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    The guy is showing it on the field. He can run himself open, and his cuts are great. He's done well picking up the offense, and QB1 is starting to trust that he's where he's supposed to be. I don't think it's undue infatuation: the guy can play, and it's obvious.

    And I wasn't a fan of his coming out of college. The highlight reel, at least, looked to me like he was mostly running himself open against less-athletic players. I didn't see any of the quickness in the cuts that you can see here in the preseason. I think the guy makes the team, and splits meaningful reps at WR3. He might even steal snaps from Ogletree later in the year if he and Tony develop a rapport. And it looks to me like he and Tony are doing exactly that the last few weeks.
  20. DFWJC

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    I guess I still hold a very minor grudge on him becasue he quit the team. I'm getting over it though. Just wonder if some of these other guys had done the same if some here would have been so forgiving.
    Hard to not like him. Spunky lil thing.

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