Clarett, Williams make early entry cut

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by WoodysGirl, Jan 19, 2005.

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    Maurice Clarett and Mike Williams can rest easy. They're on the list.

    Clarett and Williams were among 49 underclassmen granted early entry into the NFL draft on Wednesday. Players needed to file paperwork with the league by Jan. 15 and had until Wednesday to remove their names from consideration.

    Other prominent names included junior quarterbacks Alex Smith of Utah and Aaron Rodgers of California. Running backs and defensive backs dominated the list, with 11 of each leaving school early.

    It's been two long years for Clarett, the talented running back who was suspended before his sophomore season at Ohio State for NCAA violations and never returned. Clarett initially won a ruling to enter the draft last year, but the decision was reversed by an appeals court.

    Williams, then a sophomore wide receiver at Southern California, declared for the draft after a lower court ruled in Clarett's favor. After the reversal, he was not allowed to return to the Trojans, so he sat out last season.

    The NFL draft takes place April 23-24.
  2. Dale

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    It'll be real interesting to see where Clarett goes. Teams will have to dust off the old black & white film from his playing days to analyze his skills. :p
  3. StanleySpadowski

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    I agree that where Clarett goes is the single biggest ? of this draft.

    My own opinion is that he has to be a first day pick. If he's not, I see another lawsuit looming, and whether it has merit or not (I believe it would), I think it's the last thing that the NFL wants.

    I think Tags is praying that the Al Davis grabs another malcontent early, but I can see him pressuring other teams to take him late on day one if they don't.
  4. Rack Bauer

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    Whoever drafts that loser with a first day pick should be taken to a desert area in Arizona and thrown into a large cactus.
  5. lkelly

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    That's funny - to me Maurice Clarett is a complete afterthought for this draft. I'm much more interested in first day picks that haven't been out of football for 2 years.

    And I'm sure the NFL is just terrified of some lawsuit by Clarett's merry band of attorneys. What exactly is he going to sue for? Damages because he wasn't drafted high enough? I must have missed where it was a right to go in the first round even if you are overrated, morally corrupt, and out of shape. Somehow I think the NFL will manage to survive this one considering they've defended cases by everyone from the USFL to Al Davis (once a week). Maybe Clarett can score a payout as big as the USFL's was. Unfortunately that would pale in comparison to the dough he made from boosters at Ohio State.
  6. Derinyar

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    AT this point, I have to think Clarett is an end of the draft type of pick. 6th or 7th round. Half of a season 3 years ago is hardly enough info to want to draft a player high. I think someone takes a shot on his talent, but its going to be a late shot just because of who knows what of that talent is still there.

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