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    [​IMG] Mel Kiper Jr.: (1:59 PM ET ) Hey everybody! We've got a new first round projection up today. Obviously, some of that will be affected by free agency. Wait and see what happens. Let's get into some needs of teams and some projections I have, let's go!

    Lucas (Scottsdale, AZ): Mel, Now that the Browns have a GM and a head coach, who do you see them taking in the draft, or do you think they will trade down and obtain more picks? Thanks, Lucas

    [​IMG] Mel Kiper Jr.: (2:01 PM ET ) That depends on the buzz of the draft early on. right now, there is no buzz. There is not one red hot, talk of the draft, type guy. But there could be after workouts, after the combine. If I had to project, I'd say they have a chance at one of those two QBs. Such a great hires there in Cleveland. The may lack starpower -- Kellen Winslow is on the horizon -- but they do not have one big star. That explains why they are where they are, but they have a lot to look forward two under excellent personnel now in place.

    Justin - NY, NY: Will the 49'rs trade their #1 pick to Minnesota for Randy Moss or would it be better for them to trade the #1 pick to Dallas for Dallas' two number ones?

    [​IMG] Mel Kiper Jr.: (2:03 PM ET ) Well, first of all, Randy Moss has to go to a winner -- Baltimore b/c of Billick's prior relationship with him and b/c of the Ravens needs -- Baltimore is the ideal scenario for me. Otherwise, I have Alex Smith pencilled in, he will be one of the most talked about guys. If he shows an above average arm in the workouts, he certainly could be the No.1 pick overall, or at least fall in the top three.

    Dave (East Haven, Connecticut: I'm a Miami Dolphins fan and you have Cedric Benson listed as the No. 2 pick, which Miami holds. If the 49ers pass on Alex Smith, would he be a better choice for the Dolphins, especially since Miami is planning on cutting Jay Fiedler to get under the salary cap???

    [​IMG] Mel Kiper Jr.: (2:05 PM ET ) Yes, but rememver this is all stuff that COULD happen. We know what Cedric did at Texas, but workouts are key. Miami has a lot to be determined. I will say this, look at Miami, if they want the best RB, you have the chance to get him, you want the best QB? You have a shot at him or at least the No. 2. So, they are in a good spot and just have to see who the hottest prospects are once workouts are concluded.

    Ryan (SF): Do you think with Chow gone that Lienert will try and get in a supplemental draft and if so how does it work? Could the 49ers end up with him and than use their 1st on say Braylon Edwards or trade down or something?

    [​IMG] Mel Kiper Jr.: (2:07 PM ET ) Well, there is no guarentee who has the first pick in the supplemental, and in terms of the situatino with Leinart, he had to know about Chow when he made his decision. There was all sorts of speculation out there at that time. I don't see where that would have any bearing on his decision. Norm Chow leaving USC was by no means a shock.

    Dixon (Charlotte, NC): Mel I hope you're wrong about Barron going to the Panthers at 14. Wouldn't they be better off getting a RT in Free Agency and getting a quality #2 WR at 14?

    [​IMG] Mel Kiper Jr.: (2:09 PM ET ) Well, you gotta see, Mohammed is a free agent, COlbert is that perfect No. 2 receiver. I think if the pick up a Barron they could move Gross to the other side. Panthers could be looking at a lot of people. I think Mike Williams will be gone, but White and Williamson could still be around. It's a possibility, but I wouldn't bet on it . There's a possibility that even Barron will NOT be there at that point.
    Jon (Boston): Mel, instead of the Patriots possibly cutting Law, why don't they try to trade him for some draft picks and at least get something for him?

    [​IMG] Mel Kiper Jr.: (2:11 PM ET ) Well, forget about Ty Law. He wasn't even a contributor in the Super Bowl. The Patroits have proven that they don't need Ty Law. They found ways to defend opposition without him. NE needs some young LBs and some talented corners b/c they still had some band-aid type players that could use some back-up. Don't get caught up in Ty Law.
    Mo (Atlanta): Mel, do you think the Seahawks will draft defense day 1 and would this philosophy change if S.Alexander leaves via free agency? Thanks.

    [​IMG] Mel Kiper Jr.: (2:12 PM ET ) They have a lot of free agents, not just Alexander, but I think DE and Outside LB, WR are areas of critical need for Seattle. I'm looking at DE Matt Roth, Daryl Blackstock from VA for the Seahawks. In terms of WR who can catch the football, Mark Clayton would be an outstanding fit for them.
    Dean: Providence, RI: Mel, do you think Dan Cody is the best pass rusher in the draft? Will he be there at #9?

    [​IMG] Mel Kiper Jr.: (2:14 PM ET ) I think the best is Erasmus James from Wisconsin, but, the problem is, he has durability questions. He missed all of 2003 with injury and missed a significant amount of action this season b/c of an ankle. But, when he is healthy, he is such a feared pass rusher. But, that is a big question so that's why we give the overall edge to Cody. Floyd (Buffalo, NY): Mel, obviously the Bills don't have a first-round pick this year. Do you think they trade Henry and/or Bledsoe and pick up some more draft picks? Who do you think the Bills could be targeting to draft? Thanks!

    [​IMG] Mel Kiper Jr.: (2:16 PM ET ) It will be a whole new era for the Bills, you could be looking at Losman at the helm. With the way the league is now, getting those young QBs tested, the J.P. era could begin in Buffalo soon, which means, in this draft, they'll need some O-line help, they need another saftety, they could use a TE. The Bills need to fortify.

    Henry (Chino, CA): Does Aaron Rodgers' performance at the made for TV, Skills Challenge, have any effect on his draft buzz? Did it hurt Greene, Orton, or White?

    [​IMG] Mel Kiper Jr.: (2:18 PM ET ) No, that won't have much of an impact. I think the last thing you see from a player is most important -- the combine or the individual workout -- is the last time you'll see those guys throw the football. Go back to Chad Johnson, he had a great senior bowl and final week of the season but his workout didn't go well and he fell to the second round. I can either override or detract from your grade.

    Will (Atlanta, GA): I noticed in your latest mock draft, Ronnie Brown slid behind Cadillac and all the way to the 8th spot. I realize Caddy had a personal workout for Gruden at the Senior Bowl, but do you really think an NFL team will pass on Ronnie for Carnell?

    [​IMG] Mel Kiper Jr.: (2:20 PM ET ) Well, that's exactly why I did it. Gruden spent a week with Carnell. You form a bond with people. You get to know those kids and it helps the coaches on draft day. If all else is equal, you go with who you know best. Right now, if Cedric Benson is gone Tampa Bay probably has a shot at Carnell and Ronne, but if Benson is there -- I'd take Benson. It all depends!

    Blake (Atlanta GA): I see on your mock draft that you have the Falcons picking Brandon Browner. Any chance they would trade up and get Antrell Rolle? And of these 2 which would be a better fit with DeAngelo Hall?

    [​IMG] Mel Kiper Jr.: (2:22 PM ET ) With Browner, he's got tremendous size and height. He's built like a safety, but he's got speed and had six interceptions in 2003. Rolle has good size, also, but he has to prove he has the necessary recovery speed.

    Matt (Morgantown WV): What pick could you see Adam Jones going as of right now. and who has immediate interest in him?

    [​IMG] Mel Kiper Jr.: (2:24 PM ET ) With Tenn losing Dyson in free agency, they have a major need and I think Jones would be a great fit. If he runs a blistering 40, he'll go in the top 5 or 6. If his workout is as good as he says it will be, he could be the first defensive player drafted. I have him heading to Tenn at No. 6.

    Jon (Boston, MA): Mel, How has Travis Johnson been doing? Will he or Alex Barron be the first Nole drafted?

    [​IMG] Mel Kiper Jr.: (2:25 PM ET ) I think it will be Travis slightly ahead of Barron. He is such a hard worker and such a dedicated kid in terms of preparation for this process. I think he'll go in the top 15. Initially I had him going to Arizona, now I'm thinking he will go at No. 11 to Dallas.

    Jason Detroit MI: I see you have Spears from LSU being selected by the Lions at #10. Did his post-season workouts really elevate him into a top-10 pick? And do you think Erasmus James would also be a good pick for the Lions?

    [​IMG] Mel Kiper Jr.: (2:27 PM ET ) A DE is a key need area for Detroit, I think they'll go defense over offense after all they've spent on offense over the past few years. Marcus won't be the dominant pass rusher that some of teh others are, but I think he'll be a great run stopper, I think he had a great Senior Bowl week and is definitely an early first rounder.

    Zane(Cincy): Mel, any chance for the Bengals too take Hawthorne or Shawn Cody?

    [​IMG] Mel Kiper Jr.: (2:29 PM ET ) The Bengals do need a tackle, but I think picking up a WR would be a great decision for them. If you can get Roddy White from UAB, that would accelerate the progress of Carson Palmer and presents all kinds of problems for the oposing secondaries.

    [​IMG] Mel Kiper Jr.: (2:30 PM ET ) Alright everybody, that's all the time I have for today, we'll have to cut it a little short, but we'll be back next Thursday for a full hour of draft possibilities. Thanks for all of your questions!

    [​IMG] Mel Kiper Jr.: (2:30 PM ET ) Right now, my top three is ...

    [​IMG] Mel Kiper Jr.: (2:30 PM ET ) 1. 49ers take Alex Smith (Utah)

    [​IMG] Mel Kiper Jr.: (2:31 PM ET ) 2. Dolphins take Cedric Benson (Texas)

    [​IMG] Mel Kiper Jr.: (2:31 PM ET ) 3. Browns take Aaron Rodgers (Cal)

    [​IMG] Mel Kiper Jr.: (2:31 PM ET ) Bears take Braylon, Bucs take Cadillac to round out the top five.

    [​IMG] Mel Kiper Jr.: (2:33 PM ET ) Check out my full mock draft found in the college football section. Thanks again everybody! See you next week!
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    I hope we don't draft Johnson at #11...
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    It's funny Mel says he such a hard worker. I thought one of his knocks was that he DIDN'T work as hard as he should have earlier in college! At least that's what several draft guides say . . . .
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    Yeah, not sure what wavelength he's on there.

    At #11, I want one of the biggies (DJ, MW). I'll put an asterik next to Merriman for now. At #20, wouldn't mind a trade down to pick up another first day pick depending upon the board.
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    thanks for the article !
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    Mel is such a Baltimore homer! You can just see him getting aroused at the thought of the Ravens getting Moss. :D

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