News: ESPN.COM: Talent oozes from Cowboys' offense

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    Skill players best since glory days of Triplets, but health, O-line pose challenge

    IRVING, Texas -- Want good reason to hope that Jerry Jones' thirst for another guzzle of glory can be quenched this season?

    Just look at the plethora of offensive playmakers on the Dallas Cowboys' payroll.

    Tony Romo is a franchise quarterback playing the best football of his life. Jason Witten is a potential Hall of Fame tight end who continues to perform at a Pro Bowl level.

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    Whatchu mean POTENTIAL??
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    Spot on article,,, still hoping for the Callahan magic though.
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    It makes me laugh when I read about how the 90's team had the 5 blocks of granite as an OLine. There were games where the line struggled and played poorly. Troy Aikman has the concussions to prove it. The 90's line was very good, with some very good parts. But they were not invincible and Emmitt made them appear better than they were. Erik Williams before his car accident was incredible. Step was a very good center. Nate had some good years and was also pumped up by John Madden. We had a very good line, but I don't know if it was as good as the media revisionist are making it to back up the story that this OLine is garbage.
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    Pre-injury Erik Williams was as good a RT as the league has ever seen. Tuinei was a stud at LT, and Stepnoski was solid but not powerful in the middle. Newton played at a high level in the early 90's and Gogan/Gesek did the same.

    They had crazy depth behind them too. Guys like Ron Stone barely played for Dallas before leaving in FA to start elsewhere.

    Larry Allen was unreal. If Dallas added Allen to this team right now I'd say they become instant contenders.

    It's true that every OL struggles at times, but they also lended greatness to many plays in ways the skill players benefited hugely from.

    The games against the Eagles are at the top of that list.

    This current OL wouldn't have a chance against a DL of Reggie White, Clyde Simmons, Jerome Brown, and the combo of Bob Golic/Mike Pitts. Not a chance.

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