News: ESPN: Cowboys corners need to be more physical

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by NewsBot, Feb 3, 2014.

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    One of the more impressive things about Seattle's Super Bowl run is its 4-3 defense. The Seahawks run the same scheme as the Cowboys but their secondary plays more physical. Strong safety Kam Chancellor, corners Richard Sherman and Byron Maxwell are not only physical but play man coverage. The trio makes plays on the ball. They combined for 43 pass breakups and 15 interceptions in 2013. And let's not forget safety Earl Thomas and his eight pass breakups and five interceptions combined with nickel corner Walter Thurmond and his six pass breakups.

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    How do you teach people to be physical?? You either are or your not!
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    Carr is a physical corner but he can not man an island. I dont know if its scheme or what but Carr was good in KC and now he is a scrub ? Im not buying into that mess. Sometimes these guys need saftey help and a pass rush just like those guys in Seattle.
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    They get physical because they are bigger than nearly everyone else they play.

    Carr gets manhandled because he is much smaller by football comparisons.
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    Seattle's DBs play physical football because they are coached that way, the front seven enables it, and the style of play is reinforced to a man. No one takes plays off, and everyone expects everyone else to step up. They lost Brandon Browner because he failed to take NFL drug tests while playing in the CFL, plugged in Byron Maxwell, and didn't miss a beat down the stretch.

    That is the tell of a well-coached and physically fit team. Dallas, unfortunately, is neither.
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    Seattle corners are good. Although part of it is their rush makes qbs uncomfortable and poor decisions are made. In addition, their safeties give the cornerback more chances to make plays because of the ground they cover. Thomas with his coverage and Kam with his intimidation.

    If I know Qbs do not have all day to pick you apart and he have great safety play behind you, you just need to play solid fundamentals and be opportunistic
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    I don't need the CB to be as physical as Seattle CB I just need them to cover and make sure tackles. It would also help to get some pressure on the QB
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    Maybe the guy who wrote this should say, The coaches need to allow these CBs to play man in order to be physical instead of playing strictly zone coverage.

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