News: ESPN: Cowboys practice report for Friday (7/29)

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    Cowboys practice report
    July, 29, 2011
    By Calvin Watkins

    SAN ANTONIO -- The Cowboys added three players to their roster Friday as they conducted a walkthrough and a practice in shells.

    Defensive lineman Lawon Scott, running back Frank Warren and cornerback Alex Ibiloye joined the club.

    *It was funny and sad in a way to see the Cowboys conduct business Friday. Jerry Jones pulled defensive coordinator Rob Ryan away from team drills and asked him to get on the phone and speak with free agent cornerback Nnamdi Asomugha. Ryan's sales pitch looked to work, but then the Eagles came in at the last minute and signed him. As Ryan was talking on the phone, cornerback Terence Newman was making plays in front of him. Newman said he wouldn't speak with reporters after practice.

    *Keith Brooking picked off two passes in the walkthrough and one more in the afternoon session. After snagging one, he sprinted down the field, only to come up hurt. Brooking strained a hamstring and his status is uncertain long-term. After Brooking pulled up, he slammed the ball and his helmet to the turf. With Brooking out, it gives more reps to Sean Lee....
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    *While Dez Bryant can make the easy and hard catch because he's so talented, there were times Friday he struggled to make a catch in tight coverage. On a deep ball along the sidelines, Newman knocked a pass away from Bryant. But receivers coach Jimmy Robinson liked the effort and slapped five with Bryant after the play.

    the fact we tried to go after Asomugha might be a good thing

    looks like Newman, has a point to prove
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    I bet.

    He probably feels like he was sucker punched by his boss.

    Everybody says that Newman has character. That character is being tested now. I'm hopeful he'll take this incident and use it as fuel.
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    Hope they weren't counting on Brooking this season....given his age and the amount of football he has played I would be shocked if he played half the schedule.
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    Maybe, but it's not something I would be worried about.

    Newman should know that he didn't earn his pay in 2010 and his place on this team isn't guaranteed.

    Newman should be worried, not the Cowboys.

    Newman still has a big contract and he needs to play up to it.

    One thing I would say is that he may not be as quick to play with injury...

    But he doesn't seem like that type of guy no matter what happened.
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    I have to admit, Stash, you have a good set of 'peeps.':)
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    Want to improve the secondary? Put more pressure on the qb. That was a major difference from 09 and last year.Ryan is working on it. The preseason will look ragged for awhile as they learn the new play books. Be patient.Once they start getting to the qb again the secondary will start looking better.
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    With DeMarcus Ware on the field, there will always be pressure on an opposing quarterback.

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