ESPN: Cowboys should use Beasley more

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by JPostSam, Mar 16, 2013.

  1. JPostSam

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    "The Cowboys haven't really had a typical No. 3 slot receiver with the body type of Welker and Amendola...

    "Last year, the Cowboys found one in Cole Beasley, a player who fits Welker's and Amendola's body type. Beasley is 5-foot-8, 177 pounds. In his rookie season, Beasley finished with 15 catches for 128 yards with no touchdowns. He made a bulk of his catches out of the slot and going forward the Cowboys should use him more often from this area."

    hear, hear. the kid can make plays.
  2. kmp77

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    Now that Ogletree is gone, hopefully this will happen.

    AMERICAS_FAN Active Member

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    I like Beasley. he's shown potential. but If its between Beasley and Harris in the slot I'm going with Harris.
  4. Gameover

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    "He's a smurf" - Nick Eatman
  5. theranchsucks

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    Harris is way better and he is not a quitter. For some reason I just can't get over some one who quits and doesn't want to compete........If we had a real GM Beasley wouldn't even be on the team, but Jerry begged him to come back. How pathetic.
  6. Fletch

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    That was back in training camp. Things happen. Life can sometimes get in the way of football. Beasley was accepted back by his coaches and teammates. Beasley is a pretty darn good football player who has a knack for making chain-moving plays.

    Your disdain for Beasley is unwarranted and makes no sense. But let's blame Jerry. :rolleyes:
  7. erod

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    The problem is, Beasley has the body of a 7th grade girl

    He is not built like Welker or Amendola..
  8. jason54858

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    I don't know about that, but I am kinda getting tried of hearing about this dude. If he can play then he will be on the field. If he can't play then he won't, end of story. Just because he is small and white doesn't make him the second coming of Wes Welker or Amendola. I personally would rather see Harris in the slot. Beasley looks like a 4th or 5th at best IMO.
  9. XxTDxX

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    The problem here for beasley is that Miles is best out of the slot, and Harris is best out of the slot.. So if Dez and Miles on the outside I like Harris in the slot and if Dez and HArris are outside I like Miles in the slot.. I like beasley on the inside too but Harris is a thousand times better
  10. DFWJC

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    It comical.
    What "body type" is this referring to?
    Dwayne Harris is far more Wes Welkers body type than cole Beasley....and Amendola is 3-4 inces taller than Beasly and 10-13 lbs heavier. This gets tiring. By body type, do they mean skin color. Good grief.
    They all play the slot and they are all white. That's it
  11. Reality

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    That's my problem with him. I think he's quick and has great hands, but he's tiny and I don't mean just short. Maybe he will bulk up a little this offseason, but right now he looks like a boy out there playing football against men.

  12. Clove

    Clove Shrinkage

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    1st off, he's going to HAVE to bulk up without losing quickness in the off season. If he does that, he's good for about 4 to 6 plays a game next season. If he does great, then it's time to use the heck out of him. Players will get hurt, we need the depth.
  13. Reality

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    I agree .. Harris was fun to watch in college and he showed some flashes last year. I'd definitely like to see him get more playing time this upcoming season.

  14. gimmesix

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    Be nice if we have four or five receivers to mix into the lineup who can make plays.

    I hope to see Beasley get stronger and be in that mix and Coale as well. Both showed good hands and an ability to get open when we saw them.
  15. Venger

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    ESPN is reporting the Cowboys should score more touchdowns.

    Seeing as Ogletree is gone, this is some real hardcore analysis.
  16. T-RO

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    No. No. Never. Never. No.

    1. He won't hold up out there. A linebacker rolls him good or a big lineman simply falls on him wrong...and he's done for the year.

    2. He would be a turnover machine. He's a small target, easily overthrown. And a half-decent hit is going to separate him from the ball. He doesn't have the upper body strength to control the ball in a tussle.

    3. He can't do much in special teams and #4 and #5 receivers MUST give you something there.

    4. Downfield blocking the run game?
  17. dart

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    Harris & Coale
  18. Yuma Cactus

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    All Cole Beasley did last Training Camp was make plays. He will be very good on 3rd down.
  19. black label

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    cousin liner says beasly is a midget
  20. JPostSam

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    cole beasley, dal -- 5'8", 177

    andrew hawkins, cin -- 5'7", 180

    travis benjamin, cle -- 5'10", 175

    trindon holliday, den -- 5'5", 169

    wes welker, den -- 5'9", 185

    t.y. hilton, ind -- 5'9", 183

    dexter mcluster, kc -- 5'8", 170

    jarius wright, mia -- 5'10", 180

    jerrell jernigan, nyg -- 5'8", 189

    desean jackson, phi -- 5'10", 175

    these small wide receivers are rare, but they do exist -- and they do make plays. really, that's all it boils down to.

    hey, i like harris, too, and i think he should be the #3. but you need 4 or 5 wide receivers these days. beasley showed he can make plays from the slot. i'd like to see more of him, that's all.

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