ESPN: Cowboys should use Beasley more

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by JPostSam, Mar 16, 2013.

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    This obsession with finding the next Welker needs to be buried and vaulted.
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    If he bulks up, he COULD be dynamic. He was hard to bring down for a small guy, lots of wiggle, almost always made the first man miss, and got up the field in a hurry. Rarely drops the rock.
  5. HoustonFrog

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    I'm not sold on using him more but I definitely think Harris should be uses much more. He showed he has hands, quicks and can be used all over the field.
  6. RoyTheHammer

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    I don't think any of you maroons who are whining about him being a quitter have any part of a clue of what he actually left for.

    The dude seems like anything but a quitter.. to be 5'8 and scrawny and make it all the way to the NFL im thinking "quitter" is the last word i'd use to describe the guy.

    I remember how many people used to call Anthony Spencer a "quitter" too because he said he wasn't going 100 percent in practice sometimes and felt that was affecting his play on gameday. Now look how many people have come around in his corner. Some of you really need to get a grip.

    ..and for the record, body type has nothing to do with racism. He has the same build as Wes Welker. They are both pocket sized but very quick out of the slot which allows them the ability to get open alot and not get murdered over the middle despite their small size. Again, get a grip..
  7. RoyTheHammer

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    Does it? A great slot receiver can do wonders for an offense.. so why give up on the search for the prototypical slot man?

    Im still rueing letting Amendola go.. that was such a dumb decision.
  8. xwalker

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    Wes Welker
    Height: 5086
    Weight: 195

    Cole Beasley
    Height: 5077
    Weight: 175

    Danny Amendola
    Height: 5104
    Weight: 183
  9. joseephuss

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    You are rueing it so much that you forget the important detail that he walked away from the Cowboys on his own. Dallas didn't let him go. They asked him to stay on, but he chose to leave.
  10. StanleySpadowski

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    Romo's QBR was dreadful when targetting Beasley so maybe Dallas shouldn't throw at him more.
  11. InmanRoshi

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    Yeah he was forced into a big role in the Washington game after Ogletree and Austin went down, and it wasn't pretty. Washington basically forced Dallas to throw to him, and the results weren't pretty. He barely converting 50% of his 13 targets in the game, and they were low impact/high percentage short to intermediate dink and dunk targets. As a slot safety blanket WR you either got to provide your QB a large catch radius or get separation to provide your QB an outlet on a snap decision, and Beasley was doing neither in that game getting blanketed by nickel backs and even linebackers. Just because you "look" like Welker doesn't mean you are. I realize secondary WRs are low on the priority list of a team who can't even field a pair of starting safeties currently, but it's an area of the team that scares me given Austin/Dez issues.
  12. RoyTheHammer

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    Huh? He was cut..
  13. joseephuss

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    This isn't surprising. Maybe Beasley will grow into the role, but he was an undrafted free agent. There was no reason to expect him to do better than he did in his brief appearances last year. Welker and Amendola looked pretty much the same their first couple of years in the league, too. Amendola kind of still does. His career average of 8.8 yards per catch is less than pedestrian. Hopefully Beasley or whomever else takes on that slot role or 3rd wide receiver role steps up and provides more efficient production for Dallas.

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