News: ESPN: Cowboys shrug at Pierre-Paul's comments

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by NewsBot, Nov 18, 2013.

  1. Idgit

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    I was most definitely here, and defending Crayton's right to stay dumb things and defending his play, overall, given his draft status and how hard he worked to be an effective player for us. I can tell you, it was pretty lonely on my side of the fence on that topic the entire time. There were a few who agreed with me or were sympathetic to PC, but the overwhelming majority thought he was a big mouth who needed to be made to shut up or get cut. And this was before the 2007 playoff game.
  2. Frozen700

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    Yeah, it got real bad after that Drop
  3. 03EBZ06

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    I really don't care if players talk trash or talk to media, same applies to Crayton, what he said didn't matter to me most of the time.
  4. Idgit

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    It was the old Aligator-mouth-canary-butt thing, with his mouth writing checks his butt didn't cash. That's going to get fans turning on you, no matter who you are. Man, that stuff still boils my blood when I think about those big-mouthed Giants. We better not lose this game this week, after all of that history.
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  5. DFWJC

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    I can't say I can ever recall so many people thinking trash-talking equals victory...or that really means anythng at all other than, well, trash-talking.

    Reminds me of a basketball game in HS and the opposing players were yelling all sorts of racial type things (just to get in our heads, nothing more) but some of fans were even yelling that they were coming after us after the game. The previous year someone (not a plyer) was even shot.

    Anyway, they had a 6'5", maybe 280 lb bully who was really talking junk and just smashing any of us that went into the lane. I got an open baseline lane and dunked right on him...hard.
    I mean, the entire stands was stunned, then went nuts and he was furious. But not much talk after that.

    Bottom line is that talk does not mean crap.
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  6. Fletch

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    Exactly. Had one of our players remotely said anything in response to Jason Pierre-Paul's comments, he'd been told to shut up and play or worse. It's never ending in here. Just let the game play out on the field. *sigh*
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  7. Zordon

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    if we lose this game, i'm worried they won't even make .500. they quit vs. N.O. they can easily quit again, especially when the coach is losing credibility in the locker room.
  8. CaptainCreed

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    Talk is cheap.
  9. TwentyOne

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    Do we really ?
    Guess we would be 10-0 with a good trash talker.
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  10. links18

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    And working on that perfect season...........
  11. 187beatdown

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    It never had any to begin with. Colombo was the only mean guy we've had on this team in the last 10 years.
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  12. RS12

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    Havent seen the verbal victories column in the standings either.
  13. zrinkill

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  14. Lodeus

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    Seems people actually really do think that.
  15. Bizwah

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    It's funny. Yeah, the Giants and Philly have been on a roll of late. But they've really had some nice breaks in their schedule.

    NYG has four wins in a row over: Philly (who was really struggling), Minnesota ( that inexplicably started a Qb that had been on the roster for eight days), the Raiders, and the Packers (minus Rodgers, and their backup).

    Philly has had a break too. They've had the Raiders, Packers, and the Redskins.

    We've had a much tougher schedule the last few weeks. Now, we blew two games that should have been wins. Games like Detroit, and especially the NO game, have tendencies to break a team's back. We are beginning to hit a soft part of our schedule. We have to take advantage of this like Philly and the Giants.
  16. tommydo08

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    I can see it now. "(insert Cowboys player) should just keep his mouth shut."
  17. Wishbone82

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    Crayton didn't get hate because he trash talked... Crayton got hate because he trash talked and hardly ever backed it up when he did.
  18. Frozen700

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    Find another one....

  19. Frozen700

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    Crayton talked every week, most times got burnt for it, he's going to catch it every now n then.

    Read the original comment, it was said everyone had a problem with him running his mouth. Period.

    that means everytime he ran his mouth fans were mad. Not the case
  20. kevm3

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    Everytime someone says something on our team, it becomes bulletin board material and the other team beats us, but they say somethign about us and it's no big deal. We don't get fired up. I'm starting to see the Garrett and core attitude start to rub off on Dez. Don't show emotion. Other guys talk trash? No problem... just don't 'act out'.

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