Signed by Cowboys ESPN: Cowboys sign Mark Sanchez, Tony Romo still on active roster

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Reality, Sep 4, 2016.

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    FRISCO, Texas -- The Dallas Cowboys have announced the signing of veteran quarterback Mark Sanchez, but they have kept starting QB Tony Romo on the active roster for at least another day.

    Sunday marked the first day the Cowboys could have placed Romo on injured reserve, which means he would be able to return later in the regular season.

    To make room for Sanchez, the Cowboys waived quarterback Jameill Showers.

    If the Cowboys choose to place Romo on injured reserve, he would miss the first eight weeks of the season and be eligible to play Nov. 6 at the Cleveland Browns.

    The longer they take to make a roster move, the more likely it is they will carry Romo on the active roster and deactivate him each week until he is healthy.
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  2. Deep_Freeze

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    Now I need to find a witch who can put a spell on Dak to make sure he stays healthy.
  3. perrykemp

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    I am going to go right ahead and and call this a good sign that Romo isn't as badly injured as some have speculated.
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    It is certainly not a bad sign.
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  5. pugilist

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    good news on Romo (so far)
  6. CT Dal Fan

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    To listen to some people you would think Romo is lying around somewhere in a full body cast and getting his meals through a straw.

    Reality is he's going to start throwing again in a couple of weeks (read this somewhere) and may be in line for a mid-October return (my personal gut feeling).
  7. Silverstar

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    I like Dak as much as anybody here and I hope we cruise to 6-0 before the bye with him at the helm. However, we don't know if Dak will get rattled in a loss and the pressure to win causes him to make bad throws. Romo is already used to that kind of pressure and I have little faith in Sanchez.
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    Will Dak make some bad throws? Yes. But he won't succumb to the pressure of his position and get rattled. It's not in his mental makeup. He'll shake it off, look at what he did wrong, and improve. There's going to be some rough games ahead, but this kid can handle it.
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  9. PA Cowboy Fan

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    It just means they will rush Romo back. Not that surprised.
  10. Proximo

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    Agreed. And it's probably his most valuable trait.

    He seems to have the arm, he seems capable of reading defenses. And we all know about the all-world stats he put up in preseason.

    All that aside, his poise and "cool as a cucumber" qualities are going to pay dividends for us. You can't teach that. The stage isn't too big for him. He's confident but not cocky/arrogant. He can lead. Bottom line is he has the intangibles you want.

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