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Discussion in 'News Zone' started by Doomsday101, Apr 27, 2004.

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    Some observers are questioning the tactics of the Dallas Cowboys and Bill Parcells, in dealing out of the first round, and not addressing their need for a tailback until choosing Julius Jones of Notre Dame with the 43rd overall choice.

    But people who have spoken to Parcells the past few weeks knew he considered Jones, an underachiever at times in college but a guy who began moving up after an impressive combine performance, an intriguing guy. In fact, in the "Draft Rumor Central" earlier this week, it noted that Parcells would strongly consider Jones in the second round if the Cowboys hadn't yet addressed the tailback issue.

    Parcells had been telling confidants that, of all the tailbacks he researched, Jones had authored the most "explosive plays" in 2003.

    Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, by the way, said Saturday evening that the club is no longer offering left guard Larry Allen in trade talks. Parcells had noted that, if the Cowboys did not get their asking price for the perennial Pro Bowl performer, he would not just give him away. And don't expect the Cowboys to release Allen after June 1, either, when the team can ameliorate its salary cap exposure on him for 2004. Parcells has no designs on releasing Allen during the summer.
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    I'm on board with this. Hopefully Allen and Parcells can work out their differences and Allen will return to the bad arse that he once was. I just hope Allen doesn't have a negative attitude that will be detrimental to the development of our young o-line guys..
  3. Doomsday101

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    I agree it is important that Allen comes to an understanding with Parcells. He owes his teammates that much
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    All Larry Allen needs is to make an effort and have Parcells meet him halfway....If Parcells will get off his back just a little, I think Allen has enough pride to avoid a repeat of last season's performance.

    He'll be our starting LG.


    That's not a dominating line yet, but it will be solid and much improved over the past 2 years....we must stay healthy!
  5. trickblue

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    I agree on the LA thing... he owes it to his teamates...

    As for Julius... he certainly was an underachiever at one time... but not for the year he took off to get his grades up... and certainly not his performance his senior year... this is a different Julius Jones now as opposed to the Julius Jones of the previous three years at ND...
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    Rocco, I hope so too, if just so the Cowboys don't have to take any of the signing bonus cap hit this year.

    Hopefully, when Allen was allowed to shop himself around for a trade, it was a humbling experience for him, fidning out what other teams think he's worth. Unless he is totally oblvious to reality, he had to be chastened somewhat. And now he sees Peterman drafted...some measure of personal and professional pride should kick in.

    I read recently Allen has the reputation as the "strongest man in the league, perhaps the strongest to ever play the game". Seeing that, and the accompanyng statistics on his bench presses (was it 900? and 750 on some other gym thing) it's clear how important his type of conditioning/strength building routine is to him.

    I really think he might have David Boston level addiction.

    If he can continue to do his training his way, AND have the agility to play oline the way Bill wants it played, why should there be a problem? But if he can't get out of his own way, Tuna will just make summer camp a living hell for him again. And it will be Bill vs. Larry, Part Deux.
  7. Rocco

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    That is what scares me. Of course, the young guys could see this as it doesn't matter if you are one of the greatest linemen in the history of the NFL, the Tuna will not take shat from you, so they will be sure to do things his way. Then again they may say, LA is possibly the best linemen ever, why shouldn't we do things his way. I just hope they can work something out. On another note, I just love the way you say Rocco, LaTuna.. ;)
  8. BrownSugar

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    This is my hope too, Rocco. If he can get an attitude adjustment, him coming back would be great. But if he's still going to have a bad attitude, he just needs to pack up his stuff and head to Oakland (if we can get something in return for him). I'm sure he's thinking that Norv and crew will probably coddle him... The new o-linemen that we got don't need to see the same crap that when on last year w/Allen, imo...
  9. Roy Williams

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    I would like to see him back, but I think Allen forces our hand in sitting out to try and get a trade done to Oakland.

    Why not try and pry a 3rd round pick next year from Oakland? It also would replace the lost 3rd rd. pick for Henson.
  10. Rocco

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    I'm with ya, Sugar.

    Ahh...the board honeys are whispering Rocco. Ya gotta love it.. :D
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    I disagree. Allen totally shammed last season because his cardio was shot. It is not coach Parcells job to coddle him or to ease up, perennial pro-bowler or not. The bottom line is, it is the Tuna's job to be demanding of his players (every player) so he can get the best from them for the greater good for the team.

    Now it is up to Larry to get off of his arse and do what he is paid to do. He doesn't get a free pass or a cookie for doing his job. If he is here and his cardio and heart is in it, I will be more than happy that he stays but if he continues to give a half arse effort he should be benched and cut whenever it is economically feasible.
  12. Doomsday101

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    I agree. Allen does not have to like Parcells or become his buddy (God knows not all players where close to Landry) but he does get paid very well to do a job and it is up to Allen to put his personal feeling off to the side and do his job
  13. morasp

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    Jerry Jones delivered the balance of allen's signing bonus in person and you can bet that they talked about how much money that was. Word out is that allen still respects Jones.
  14. Hollywood Henderson

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    I agree, If Allen doesn't do what he should as far as staying in shape...and Championship shape at that...They get OUT!

    The guy is paid to be the best...Now do it Allen! No way he deserved to be in the Probowl last year...
    Huffing & puffing your way off the field won't cut it!
    I am behind big Bill 100% on that one!
  15. Mike 1967

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    If Allen wants to play somewhere next year.....then he better step up this year and show that he still has the ability to compete in this league.

    Allen, from the recent trade talks, now has a full realization of what the true value expectactions are on him around the league. Perhaps his perception, prior to the failed trade attempts, was overblown due to last years Pro Bowl votes. But has most us know, the Pro Bowl is most times nothing more than a popularity contest.

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