News: ESPN: Cowboys Twitter mailbag, Part 2

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    IRVING, Texas -- Part 2 of the Dallas Cowboys Twitter mailbag is ready. In it we touch on the draft ramifications of signing Henry Melton, Sean Lee’s position and Rod Marinelli’s future. If you missed Part 1, you can read it here. Away we go:

    @toddarcher: Maybe it’s been talked about, but I don’t think it will be implemented. I don’t know what to make of Bruce Carter after the way he performed in 2013. DeVonte Holloman was OK at the end of the year in a new position, but I think he’s more of a Sam linebacker and he’ll compete with Kyle Wilber. I understand the thought that moving Sean Lee and how it might save his body some, but I think he’s too valuable at the Mike to put him in a new spot, even if the Will is a huge part of this defense, too. I just think the Cowboys stick with Lee at the Mike and don’t move him.

    @toddarcher: While we’re on the subject of Marinelli: I don’t think the defense will look that different. In fact, Marinelli is more apt to stay "basic" than to change up his looks on defense than Monte Kiffin. It all depends on the front four. If it can get pressure on the quarterback -- and that’s why Melton was such an important signing -- then that will allow him to do some things in the secondary.

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    Archer Twitter Q&A
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    Nothing mind-blowing, but good info none-the-less.
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    Just trying to break up the monotony of the Jerry is awesome threads. ;)

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