ESPN crying over loss by RG3

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by dcjules, Jan 6, 2013.

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    RGIII had his MRI last night and nothing has leaked out yet. That tells me it has to be bad news. Last time they leaked the results almost immediately. This tells me its likely a torn ACL and its in the hands of the PR people right now trying to come up with the least damaging explanation of how this was allowed to happen. Any other player on that team with the same exact injury sits the full 4 or 5 weeks to get 100% healthy. The whole world could see he was not healthy. He re-injured his knee twice yesterday and both times he wasn't even touched. Both times he tried to make somewhat of an awkward move and the knee gave out because it was unstable to begin with. I like the kid as a player but this was a very bad decision from the entire group, RGIII, Shanahan, and the team doctors.
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    Way to go Tanahan, you blew it. Go apply some more bronzer.
  3. NIBGoldenchild

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    :laugh2: keep telling yourself this! You'll get reality again when they play your team next year.
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    If so, this is going to become a huge controversy about players' health. The league will start taking the decisions out of the hands of coaches and maybe the teams.
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    I don't think Bob should be blamed at all. It's a playoff game, of course he's going to say he can play. Square on the coaches and medical staff.
  6. Dallas

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    Talk about sour grapes. Shut up, already. We don't care. Nobody here at least.

    :rolleyes: :rolleyes:

    Bye! :laugh2:
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    He sucked the last game against us, too. Too bad our run defense was horrible and it didn't come down to him having to make any plays on his own.

    He has a long ways to go before he will take the Skins anywhere.
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    not one all yr huh?:rolleyes:
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    Where to place blame is a different issue altogether. It was still a bad decision by RGIII to stay in the game when he knew he wasn't able to get the job done. 2 or 3 unproductive series after he got hurt and he should have been out.
  10. visionary

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    he is lucky he didnt come here

    garrett wouldnt know what to do with him
  11. burmafrd

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    Some of the responsibility was RG3's

    His performance was clearly suffering. and they had a good back up ready to go. So SOME of this is on him.

    MOST of it is on Shanahan and the team dr/trs. What was wrong with him was VERY obvious.
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    Rg3 was playing his *** off before that knee would probably have been prudent to keep him on the sideline until absolutely necessary. cousins was capable. Ah well. it's unfortunate. It's a better league when the cowboys and redskins are actually in competition as opposed to one dominating the other. Hopefully the kid sees the same doctors as AP
  13. Aikmaniac

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    That's what the coach is for. If Bob was a veteran, he might've had the sense to take himself out, but he's a rookie playing in his team's first home playoff game since '99.

    Hell, Romo was going to go back in with a broken collarbone.

    I doubt any player in the playoffs (save Cutler) would pull themselves out of a game of that magnitude.
  14. Future

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    It doesn't help that he has no consistent receiving threats to help him out.

    The key to stop the Skins is simply shut down the run game. SEA is built to do exactly that.

    Don't be shocked if the Skins pursue someone like Amendola or Greg Jennings and go WR early.
  15. SkinsFan28

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    The other part of yesterday, over shadowed by Griffins injury, is (i believe) that Garcon also went out of the game for a long period. His presence was a huge factor in our 7 game win streak.
  16. kjcmeb

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    Didn't they just give 2 big contracts to FA WR?

    Pierre Garcon
    Contract:5 yr(s) / $42,500,000

    Josh Morgan
    Contract:2 yr(s) / $11,500,000

  17. Stryker44

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    There's a rumor its a torn ACL/PCL...which is what Manningham suffered...could miss most or all of 2013 :( :(
  18. 1fisher

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    Did he tear the ACL in the same knee a few years ago?
  19. Aikmaniac

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    Don't stress too much. Wait until you hear it from the team.
  20. Stryker44

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    Team press conference says they are getting a second opinion of the extent of an injury from Dr. James Andrews.

    Can't be good news for us.

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