News: ESPN Dallas: DeMarcus Ware gets paid during lockout

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    DeMarcus Ware gets paid during lockout

    By Calvin Watkins
    The NFL lockout hasn't kept all players from getting paid by their teams.

    Outside linebacker DeMarcus Ware is the only player to receive a paycheck from the Dallas Cowboys during the lockout.

    Ware received $6.8 million from the Cowboys on March 15, three days after the owners locked out the players, as part of deferred payments owed to him.

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    Good! He's earned it and is a big key to us winning in the future.
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    Could you imagine the media firestorm if Romo, Austin, Dez, or Newman earned money during the lockout? I think it would resurrect Dick Schapp.
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    He didn't earn it during the lockout. He had already earned it and the payments just happened to be deferred. By the terms of the contract, they had to pay him. But he isn't the only one who the Cowboys have deferred payments to, his just happen to be due during the lockout.
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    There is no bad time to receive a check for $6.8 million.

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