News: ESPN Dallas: Felix Jones finally the man for Cowboys

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    Door has been opened for 2008 first-round pick to prove he can carry load
    [​IMG] By Calvin Watkins

    SAN ANTONIO -- We've been waiting a long time for this moment.

    Felix Jones finally enters a season as the starting running back for the Dallas Cowboys.

    The man he learned from, Marion Barber, has moved on to the Chicago Bears.
    When Barber was here, he knocked over defenders, was dependable on third-and-short and provided the spark the running game needed.

    Barber's physical gifts left him over time, and the Cowboys decided to go in a different direction by cutting him and giving Jones the starting gig.

    "A great mentor," Jones said of Barber. "He shows you how to be a running back and how to be a professional and all of those aspects. He's a good person, a good personality, a true teacher of the game. I learned a lot from him."

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    I am really excited to see him get the lions share of the load. This guy has the potential to be one of the most exciting players in the league in my opinion.
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    I just don't see him as an every down back. But we shall see. If he does well, Jason Garrett has his name all over that pick, so it makes sense...

    I'd get a pair and just go with the hot hand...I still believe in RBBC
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    This is a extremely biased article against Felix Jones, but that isn't a surprise. It sure is funny how bias by omission is a primary tool at "ESPN/DMN". There is no such thing as context, either.
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    I think Felix is capable of 17 to 18 carries a game and that would be significantly higher that what he gets now
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    Being the starting running back is one thing, having a hole to run through is another,,,,
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    First, Jones had 25 carries of greater than 10 yards last year alone. That is only for 2010. He has more of those in 2008 and 2009. According to 2010 Stats LLC data, Jones' greater than 10 yard runs per rush was tied for 4th in the entire NFL (with LeSean McCoy). (Top 20 running backs in the category considered). You didn't include that fact.

    Second, according to Football Outsiders (and you can tell your buddy Archer this, too), Felix Jones was the ranked 5th in "broken tackles" per touch (12.9%)/minimum of 200 touches. Football's Outsider's definition of a "broken tackle" measured power and elusive ability. The definition is in the link. Jones ranked 9th in "broken tackles" (tied), and he was one of the most elusive running backs in the NFL last year despite extreme adversity, which included the horrible right side of Dallas' offensive line, a rookie full back, and having to play with the second and third team QBs.

    In that Football Outsiders' analysis, Felix Jones ranked 10th in broken tackles per touch when the minimum touch mark was 130 touches.

    I'll get the link for you, but it will not do any good. Here is again!

    By the way, where is your Texas guy Leonard Davis?

    Third, according to Stats LLC, Felix Jones ranked 14th in first downs per carry (44/185)/.238. Also, Jones was tied for 16th in rushing first downs.

    Fourth, you totally omit how explosive of a receiver Felix Jones was in 2010. That is extremely biased, and I've put those numbers up repeatedly.

    Again, this is an extremely biased article against Felix Jones.
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    I'm pretty sure Jones was Dallas' most productive, best redzone runner last year. I'll get that stuff. I'll go get the receiving stuff, again.

    How convenient to omit the staright up fact that Jason Garrett had Felix Jones on a 1500+ total yard pace (depite severe adverity, on multiple fronts).

    By the way, how many games has Jones missed in 2 years? 2

    Marion Barber was a huge progress stopper.

    By the way, Marion Barber is no Darren McFadden, one of the best running backs to ever play in the SEC. Houston Nutt stated repeatedly that he didn't give Felix Jones the football enough.

    Hmm.. sounds like Dallas.

    The Alpha to the Omega is coming for the first time for Felix Jones....
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    You don't mention Felix Jones being one of the very best pass blocking running backs in the NFL, either. The statistics are out there.

    Do some YAC homework and try YAC per catch and Yac per target. Here! I'll put it up again for you, but it will not matter, because you are extremely biased against Felix Jones.

    By the way Tashard Choice is about to be obsolete in Dallas if Lonyae Miller keeps it up.

    Compare Felix Jones' 2010 season to Rashard Mendenhall's 2010 season, and come in here and tell me who was the better, more efficient back.
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    By the way Calvin, before you set off to coach the team this year, Felix Jones only carried the football three times on 3rd down last year (Stats LLC). Three carries, 9 yards... You left that out. Jones converted his only 4th down attempt in Houston.

    By the way, (on "right" runs) Felix carried 20 times for 36 yards (1.8 YPA) according to Stats LLC.


    Who was over there on that right side of the offensive line? That is where your fellow Texas Longhorn was. He's the guy you gave a free pass to by ignoring his significantly deteriorated play last season. Glad you don't coach the team...

    Leonard Davis- cut and still looking for work

    Marc Colombo- cut and the worst starting RT in the NFL last year

    Red zone running according to

    Felix Jones:

    Opp 19-Goal: 19-63-1 (3.3 YPC) LG 9
    Opp 10-Goal: 11-30-1 ( 2.7 YPC) LG 7

    Marion Barber:

    Opp 19-Goal: 27-46-3 (1.7 YPC) LG 12
    Opp 10-Goal: 20-14-3 (0.7 YPC) LG 3

    Tashard Choice:

    Opp 19-Goal: 17-35-2 (2.1 YPC) LG 9
    Opp 10-Goal: 12-12-2 (1.0 YPC) LG 3

    Felix Jones only received 25.5% of the total red zone runs in the opp 10-Goal range. Perhaps, by looking at these numbers, he should have received more.

    Dallas' old, deteriorated right side of the offensive line didn't help matters, either.

    Felix Jones was Dallas' best red zone runner last year, and it wasn't even close.

    Finally, for you to say that Jones only ran "specialty plays" during his first 3 seasons is utterly ridiculous and not even close to being true. That is absurd, and you should be embarrassed.

    Were you thinking of Choice in the "Wildcat"?

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