News: ESPN Dallas: Felix Jones supports Tashard Choice

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    Dec 14
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    By Calvin Watkins

    ARLINGTON, Texas -- Cowboys running back Felix Jones was at Cowboys Stadium on Tuesday morning along with several NFL players promoting new Nike gear which consisted of uniforms, shoes and other things. TCU also unveiled new uniforms.

    Jones, who leads the team in rushing yards with 572, heard the criticism regarding fellow running back Tashard Choice asking for Michael Vick's autograph following Sunday night's game.

    Jones said the timing was bad but didn't have a issue with Choice doing it because it was for a family member.

    Read more from Felix:
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    good for felix standing by choice. yes the timing was bad but no harm no foul.
  3. Idgit

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    Nobody on the team had a problem with it. The stupid local media hammered everybody on the topic today. Witten, Bowen, Bennett, Felix. Garrett. Nobody had any issue. Some of them outright accused the media of trying to blow the story out of proportion again. It's such a non-story.

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