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    May 4
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    By Calvin Watkins

    While some may focus on issues at safety, field goal kicker and how first-round pick Tyron Smith will do at right tackle in 2011, the Cowboys' running back position also merits a closer look after the draft.

    Cowboys officials were determined to find another running back in this draft despite already having Marion Barber, Felix Jones and Tashard Choice.

    There was a deep class at the position, and the Cowboys took advantage by drafting Oklahoma's Demarco Murray in the third round.

    But what does it mean at Valley Ranch?

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    I like the factual, straightforward articles like this one. Calvin didn't editorialize about "Cowboys stupidity", but stuck to the facts as he saw them.
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    Felix took an IV in the Vikings game, not the Colts game.

    Felix ran the ball great inside during that game by the way. If Tyron Smith is on that line, there is no telling how many rushing yards Jones has in that game.

    Jamaal Charles took an IV at St. Louis, another domed stadium.

    Calvin, I know you wanted to coach the team, and you are a Texas guy, but what about your guy Charles?

    Charles had ice on his knee during the same game.

    Would you have reported that?


    By the way, you can have Mendenhall's 3.9 YPC and his bizarre view of the national events.

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