News: ESPN Dallas: Jason Garrett laying solid foundation

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    Interim coach making changes that should help Cowboys, and keep him on the job

    [​IMG] By Tim MacMahon

    IRVING, Texas -- Jason Garrett isn't just keeping the seat warm for one of those Super Bowl winners Jerry Jones claims have called about becoming the Dallas Cowboys' next head coach.

    In fact, the odds are that Garrett's lectern will remain in the Valley Ranch atrium for a long time.

    Garrett isn't treating these eight games as an extended job interview. He's simply operating as he sees fit after taking over the NFL's biggest 2010 failure, laying the foundation for the Cowboys to live up to their potential at some point in the near future.

    What would it take for Garrett to earn this gig on a permanent basis? Princeton's most famous football alum would rather discuss the greater meaning of Marion Barber's refusal to wear a suit and tie on the recent road trip.

    "Not really something that's even in my consciousness right now," Garrett said the day after his impressive debut as interim coach. "Talking about being focused on the day, I'm focused on today."

    Garrett just wants to get back to work. Jones wants it to work, and that's what really matters regarding this issue.

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