News: ESPN Dallas: Keith Brooking won't miss two-a-days

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    By Todd Archer

    After 13 seasons in the NFL, Dallas Cowboys linebacker Keith Brooking wonders if the pounding has taken a toll on him.

    "Training camp, if anybody tells you they love it they're lying," Brooking said Monday on "Galloway & Company" on ESPN103.3 radio. "But it's the time of the year to where you have to do those things and it's going to be good for us in the end. I think for them to limit it like they did can be a good thing, especially for the numbers and injuries and things like that. Even long term, I think there's some truth in what they're saying. I'm telling you my memory's worse than it was six or seven years ago. I don't know if that's a coincidence or not."

    Brooking, 35, said contact in training camp is "a necessary evil," but that limiting the amount of contact could be a good thing. He does not want to see the rules go overboard considering the physical nature of the sport.

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