News: ESPN Dallas: Kevin Ogletree to get his chance

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    Dec 8
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    By Calvin Watkins

    When the Cowboys lost Dez Bryant for the season with his broken fibula, it now means Sam Hurd and Kevin Ogletree get elevated.

    For Hurd, who is in the last year of his deal, it means he can show not only the Cowboys he can become a productive receiver but other teams as well.

    Ogletree's struggles in training camp irked some in the organization, and when the regular season began he got limited snaps with the offense. He was inactive for seven consecutive games until last week.

    During his inactivity, interim coach Jason Garrett said Ogletree was getting better as a receiver but he just couldn't show it on the field because of Roy E. Williams, Miles Austin and Bryant. Also, receivers coach Ray Sherman said Jesse Holley and Hurd were producing on special teams and that also kept Ogletree off the field.

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    I'm sure Iggles have forgotten the bubble screens with O-tree by now:eek:
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    the good thing out of that we will have young but talented guys out there trying to prove that they deserve to play somewhere!!
    Like last week with choice...ogletree will come out trying to prove that he belongs on the field....he has shown in the past that he can play...and i think that he'll thrive out there sunday.
    I also think that kitna should be familar with him and with kitna's leadership on the field ...he wouldnt accept nothing less than a good outing.
    Im still laughing how kitna snapped after bhueler missed that FG....:laugh2:

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