News: ESPN Dallas: Mike Jenkins has plenty to prove

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    Cornerback severely underachieved last season after making Pro Bowl in 2009
    [​IMG]By Tim MacMahon

    SAN ANTONIO -- The Dallas Cowboys' front office and coaches keep expressing extreme confidence in a guy who was one of the NFL's worst cornerbacks last season.

    What else are they supposed to say? They need Mike Jenkins to perform like a first-round pick to give the Cowboys a chance to contend. At least they have relatively recent proof it can happen.

    "I'm going to be very positive about it," owner/general manager Jerry Jones said, "because we've seen him do it."

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    I was really down on Jenkins when I heard he didn't want to talk to Media anymore because they critisized his play. Seems like he is changing his tune, and I hope he proves people like me wrong, who are down on him.

    But I am always afraid he will have a good year this year, and Jerry gives him a big deal and then he will be bust again ( not sure if this is his last year on contract or next year is last year, but I guess he signed 5 and not 4 year contract?)
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    I seriously wonder if MacMahon tries. His topic selection and articles are just horrible. I would really like to see some smidge of creativity or insight. The questions he asked or were asked by others that he used got terrible responses.

    The best thing he go was Campo saying confidence was an issue. He got Jenkins to admit that he had a bad year. Thanks for gleaning that for us Timmy. If a story is a dud then maybe one time he could *gasp* try and do better. But deadline after deadline we end up with **** like this.

    Great work looking up those stats there Tim! :rolleyes:

    At least he doen't go off on editorial gossip sprees like Watkins will do but dear lord. No wonder Jenks doesn't want to talk to you.
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    Mike Jenkins will be fine... I predict a stellar 2011 season for him.

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