News: ESPN Dallas: Owner: Be careful overhyping Jason Garrett

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    Dec 6
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    By Tim MacMahon

    Jerry Jones tends to be a circus ringmaster, but he’s reacting to Jason Garrett’s instant success as an interim coach in measured tones.

    Jones pointed out after Sunday’s overtime win over the Colts that Garrett bears some responsibility for the 1-7 start. The owner/general manager is obviously pleased with the way the Cowboys have performed since Garrett took over for Wade Phillips, but Jones doesn’t want to contribute to creating too much hype for the coach.

    That’s awfully un-Jerry-like, but it’s true.

    “What I do not want to do -- and I want to be real careful -- is to try to identify or couch Jason as, he can step in here and get it done,” Jones said. “Because if we don’t get it done and times get hard, which that happens as a head coach, then all of the sudden the bloom is off the rose and everybody says he’s overrated. It’s a lot of expectations to get used to a guy coming in and winning 75 percent of his games right off the bat.”

    Read more Jerry:
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    In other words, I am not doubling your salary, Jason!
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    I agree with Jerry about being careful to over hype Garrett. But one question was answered this weekend at least for me and that was how would the team respond after a tough loss the week before to the Saints. I think more is known now after recovering from the loss to go out and producing as they did this weekend.
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    And how they would respond after Indy took the lead.

    I can say I'm impressed.
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    Wrong! In other words "Your playcalling sucked in the first part of the season" I think it's fair for Jerry to place some of the blame on JG for the 1-7 start....afterall JG is also an evaluator of talent and this season as well as last I give the Cowboys a big FAT "D"
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    I agree completely with Jerry Jones.

    I think what he is saying is that he doesn't want to heap accolades on Red even though the rest of us and the media are. That's the way it goes; 13-3 Wade was awesome...loss in the playoffs, fire him; strong finish and gutsy, fierce wins over Philly in December and the playoffs Wade is king; weak start in a hopeful year; fire him.

    Jerry doesn't want to hire Jason Garrett or any head coach based on expectations for next season...coaches, like players, have ups and downs, especially young coaches.

    Right now, Red deserves whatever he gets, and he certainly looks like the new head coach of the Cowboys, and most of us, including Jerry have probably already come to that conclusion. However, this team still has holes in it, and every season is a new animal. I think Jerry wants to hire Jason and wants to praise him and brag on him, but he doesn't want to create the expectations for Jason's first season that the team went into this year with.

    A couple of key injuries, a less than spectacular offseason, the draft doesn't fall right for you, someone has an off year on the field, or the ball doesn't bounce right for you....suddenly Jason Garrett's team goes 8-8 or 7-9 in his first year as head coach and fans and media are calling Jerry an idiot and calling for a coaching change...again.

    I think Jerry wants to make perhaps the final hire of his active tenure as gm; I think he wants to hire a young, bright, fiery coach who will be with the Dallas Cowboys for ten years or more, and he knows there will be ups and downs with a young coach...he's seen the Dallas fans and media...he doesn't want to send the message that "we've found our coach; purchase your SB tickets for 2012."

    But make no mistake...he HAS found his new coach...and he knows it.
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