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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Zordon, Oct 12, 2012.

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    Not that I think he's wrong, but did he say why he believes that will happen?
  2. Dodger

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    I'm not saying they'll win, but Dallas should actually be able to run the ball (and thus move the ball) better against the Ravens than the previous 3 opponents...something JJT would never be able to conclude. The evidence is out there, but he's too busy making lazy assumptions to notice.
  3. erod

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    Because the Ravens defense isn't what we're used to seeing anymore, and that we will be good defensively with Ratliff, Spencer, and Coleman returning to the mix.

    He thinks our offense will be effective, and that our defense will hold up well.
  4. jobberone

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    Like most games in the NFL this game will hinge on TOs and field position. I haven't looked at the line (for whatever that is worth) but I'd put us as 4-5 pt underdogs. I actually predict we will win this game but the odds are against us. Having Rat and Coleman back will help the run and that is not the best news for the Ravens who need to run to be successful. I think we can run on them some but don't expect a big day running although its certainly possible.
  5. Diogenes

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    Looks like you have all your bases covered there. :)

    Seriously though, all the talk about different stats and whether or not they are meaningful makes for good debate, but the one you mentioned about turnovers is IMO the most relevant of all. Year after year the teams that win the turnover battle by the largest margin are usually the teams with the best records. That's why that stat about us not having an interception by a DB for 10 games and counting is so alarming...and frustrating.
  6. rocyaice

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    LOL Its so funny reading those predictions because I can see the outcome being every single one of them lol.
  7. CowboyGil

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    :lmao2: :lmao:
  8. big dog cowboy

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    Gotta love Nate talking about the OL needing to come up big.
  9. EGTuna

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    Except when the Cowboys lose AND cover. Ravens are -3.5 right now. If it drops to 3, I am all over it. If not, I might still be all over it. As much as I love the Cowboys, I am not very optimistic about this game (or this season).

    I might try to do a 3-team moneyline parlay with ATL, Bmore and AZ.
  10. DallasJ7

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    Oh yeah, duh. :laugh2: I was thinking about betting against the Cowboys when they're favorites, which I tend to prefer, given how many close games these Cowboys have won lately.

    Cowboys winning/not covering is the best (woo hoo Thanksgiving against the Dolphins last year!)
  11. Shunpike

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    I expect Dallas win this week.

    Ravens are a tad slow on the defensive side and Romo can exploit their secondary if Murray can run the ball consistently and open up the game for Romo.

    On the other hand Joe Flacco will struggle against Dallas CB's.

    If I was a betting man, I would bet under and Dallas for this game.
  12. MagicMan

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    So much for NFL "experts", you don't want to take stock tips from these guys for sure. None of them are over .500. Might as well flip a coin.

    Personally, I think Dallas will not embarass themselves, but will still lose by 10 points. Too many TO.

    and Nate looks good. Glad to see that.
  13. calico

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    That's a lot of faith in a staff who've shown they are inept at game planning. They had 10 days to prepare for the Seahawks and they got trucked. What makes you think things will be different against the best team Dallas will have played so far this season?

    I fully expect to see a mistake filled Dallas team look lost as they get punched in the mouth and fold.

    Don't get me wrong , I pray I'm wrong and will gladly eat crow if they pull out a win.
  14. bigdnlaca

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    Good point. I'm just going by what they did last year against the Pats. The Cowboys had no shot coming from their bye and it looked like they played their best football in that game and a first down away of winning the game. That showed me that they can gameplan in a way.

    The Seattle game might be a case of the coaching staff not addressing the weaknesses of the Cowboys because the Giants didn't exploit them.
  15. DFWJC

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    Just curious if you also said that about the Giants game......
  16. calico

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    I hope they look like they did against the pats last year. I'm still trying to be optimistic that they can work some kinks out and gel better with some guys on the o line stepping up.
  17. Beast_from_East

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    Basically was.

    Of the two guys picking Dallas, one was Nate Newton and the other is some guy I never heard of, but he is currently 1-3 and says Dallas will lose the following week to Carolina.

    Basically he picks Dallas and then says it was a fluke..........LOL
  18. fffiasco

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    skip bayless and colin cowherd picked the boys also

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