News: ESPN Dallas: Rabid Reaction: For optimism, just forget 2010

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    By Ben Rogers

    Rabid Reaction: Our series of knee-jerk-styled, emotional overreactions from Ben Rogers of 103.3 FM ESPN's Ben and Skin Show. He's known to get way too excited over even the slightest of developments with the teams he grew up with in the D/FW. Proceed with caution ...

    SAN ANTONIO -- Finding a single ray of sunshine among the dark, billowing clouds engulfing media row at Cowboys training camp is near impossible. San Antonio is currently inundated with savvy journalists, clever radio talk show hosts and astute TV sports anchors who refuse to buy into whatever it is that Jerry Jones is cooking.

    Apparently the epic disaster of the 2010 Cowboys season is just too much for responsible thinkers to overlook. To be mired in such reality is to be handcuffed to the toilet. It takes a special kind of mind to pretend that an entire season of footballing never happened. In order to mine precious optimism from this otherwise depressing wasteland, one must do exactly that.

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