News: ESPN Dallas: Roy Williams looks like No. 3 receiver

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by WoodysGirl, Nov 18, 2010.

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    Nov 18
    AM CT

    By Tim MacMahon

    IRVING, Texas -- Roy Williams responded to an innocuous question about playing his old team by mentioning that he’d just have to make the most of his “two or three looks a game.”

    That seemed to be a hint that Williams wasn’t happy with his decreased role in the offense. However, Williams didn’t bite when given the opportunity to really whine.

    “I mean, you have to embrace your role, embrace your role whatever they may be, whatever it is for this football team to win,” Williams said when asked if he was satisfied with his role. “Just know when the ball comes my way, I have to make a play.

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  2. hammer1

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  3. Mike_45

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    What a team player this guy is. He just doesn't get it. I thought he had at the start of the year, but not anymore.
  4. sago1

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    Agree that we've got the best 3 WRs in the NFL. This is the only area on our team where we don't have a problem. I don't want to see us cut or trade Roy cause it's rare for us to go a whole season w/o suffering any WR injuries which warrant sitting one of them. We in go situation with our 3 cause if 1 goes down we've got 2 other really good ones to continue to carry the load in our passing game. Ray Sherman has done a really good job developing them & is probably the only coach I'd keep next season; he also deserves an increase in pay & to get more responsibility.

    BTW: We've seen enough of Hurd before; he simply not talented to beat out any of our top 3; dont know Ogletree's situation but he didn't play well in preseason.
  5. UnoDallas

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    I see Roy getting cut

    an Dallas drafting a slot WR

    Williams said during training camp that it’d take a “baaaaad man” to beat him out of a starting job.

    Bryant is clearly a bad man. He’s not officially a starter yet, but he’s bumped Williams down a spot in the Cowboys’ receiver pecking order

    LMAO at RW the whiner
  6. BIGDen

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    I was happy to see RW produce during those games at the beginning of the season and I liked his 3rd down catch last game, but I won't be sorry to see him and his personality go somewhere else next year. There's an article with him commenting on how everything is "Romo, Romo, Romo" and so "Romo-friendly" here and he clearly doesn't like it. He takes every opportunity to talk about how he thinks Kitna as just as good as Romo and even mentioned that he believes "Romo went down for a reason" which was just a strange comment even if you believe everything happens for a reason. To me, it's obvious he blames Romo for at least some of his struggles here. It's funny because he got more looks from Romo and was more productive with Romo than Kitna this year. I'm ok with RW as a 3rd WR, but not with that personality at that salary.
  7. CCBoy

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    I have absolutely nothing to say bad about his attitude. He's a professional athlete and maintains his competitive spirits.

    He's passed every trick and quagmire presented by the press for the past three years given him. He's done nothing but worked in practice, done the small things on the field, and supported his teammates. He has good NFL talent, and has contributed in the Red Zone and on third downs strongly.

    This fan is well in favor of his place on the roster...contributing. I don't know that he will remain at the top of the salary listing, if retained, but he is a positive to have in any receiver group.

    But even Miles Austin may have to adjust top biling in this group, for Dez Bryant. And it doesn't take much integrity for the media to see this and lay off of Roy....
  8. bootyhunta

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    Well said CCBoy... I totally agree.

    Why would you trash a receiver that wants more touches... they are supposed to want the ball.
  9. InmanRoshi

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    Can you point out to me where he's whining?

    Stupid Roy Williams, willing to do anything that's asked of him.
  10. tyke1doe

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    That's what I'm saying. Why get mad at a guy who wants to get more balls thrown to him.

    Don't you want your receivers to be competitive and want to make plays? I'd be more concerned about a receiver or any player who said, "Yeah, I'm satisfied with only getting the ball three times a game."
  11. DC Cowboy

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    I agree 100%, I don't want to get rid of him. Instead I would start with a 3 WR set. We have a nice group there however I do wish he would not set himself up like that. Witten numbers have dropped but I don't see him complaining. Every rec. wants the ball so I don't have a problem with him wanting the ball more.
  12. jterrell

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    RW11 has outplayed Miles Austin thus far this year.
    Now that doesn't mean he is a better player but RW11 has caught the ball more consistently and and been the more reliable red zone target. So I'd back off the criticism a bit.

    Dez is the all world talent that is breaking out.
  13. jterrell

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    Sorry, but no.

    This team is not good ina 3WR set regularly because we block for crap.

    We are actually better max protecting and forcing teams to cover Dez and Miles or RW11 for 5 or 6 seconds.
  14. hammer1

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    Roger that.
  15. CCBoy

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    Hey, Hammer...hoooah.:starspin
  16. JPostSam

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    roy williams IS our #3 wide receiver right now. and that is a good situation.

    dez and miles can each take over a game, but having roy as the third option helps them get open more.

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